Looking Forward

Jan 3, 2010

I’m not big on resolutions, but this driven, type-A-to-the-core woman loves making lists and goals. Problem is often I push myself too hard right off the block and then run out of fuel before hitting the finish line. This year I’m attempting to set simple, steady, realistic goals. Ones I hope will stretch me without stressing me. And ones that I plan to take a day at a time, rather than trying to sprint through the race in the first week.

  • My Spiritual Goal: Psalm 91:1. That’s it. I figure if I can learn to do this well, peace will reign regardless of what the year holds.
  • My Family Goal: RELAX. I want to learn to chill out more, not make such a big deal out of trivial things, but make a huge deal out of the big things, like spending time and energy loving my husband and boys without restraint.
  • My Friendship Goal: Invest more deeply and intentionally in a few. Praying about who those “few” are.
  • My Personal Goal: Forgive what needs forgiving.
  • My Writing Goal: Finish my non-fiction book. I’m almost there! On top of that, I want to finish the last 40,000 words of my novel and dig into deep editing.
  • My Time Management Goal: Learn to check my email, FB, Twitter only three times a day. This includes being intentional about making solitude, introspection, and reflection as much a part of my daily routine as my chaotic internet life.
  • My Blogging Goal: Hmmmm … can’t tell you this one. You’ll just have to come back and visit this week to find out!

There you have it. What are some of your goals for 2010?


  1. Chrystie

    Oh, how I love the goals you set for yourself. I love your family goal and your time management goal. I have found those two go hand in hand for me. When I manage my time more wisely, then I am not as stressed or distracted during family time. I want to give my family the best of me, not just the rest of me.

  2. Jerolyn

    Great goals Michele. I am not a resolution person either. However, this year I’ve been impressed to Be Intentional and Do the hard thing. I think I’m in for some stretching and growing.

  3. Michele

    Thanks, Chrsytie and Jerolyn. It’s only January 4th and already I’m feeling the challenge. Glad I have good friends along the way, though. 🙂

  4. alece

    …to risk more.

  5. Michele

    Yep, Alece. Me, too. Playing it safe is overrated.


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