We’re more connected now than ever before. Cell phones, the Internet, instant messaging, Facebook, app downloads, Skype … with the click of a button we can connect with another human being, regardless of geography, in no time.

In fact, a teen texter from Toronto headed to New York a little over a week ago to compete for the world texting title, the grand prize being $100K. Connecting via an average 12,000 texts per month has its advantages.

Sitting at my desk I usually have six browsers open, FB, Twitter and my cell phone a foot away. We’re connected all right. Or are we?

Over the past two weeks I’ve enjoyed an ongoing Facebook conversation with a good friend on this very subject. With her permission, this is an excerpt of one of her messages:

I think less and less people seek out close relationships. This has been more painfully obvious to me throughout our moves from state to state. And for people like me who seem to be programmed to crave that, honestly, it really sucks!  It has caused me to wonder if its a generational thing, or a geographical thing… or just a me thing.

I don’t think this is unique to just her. The most recent research claims at least 25% of people have absolutely no one in whom they can confide. NO ONE. And this number continues to rise. I’d be shocked except I’ve heard similar frustrations expressed by multiple people.

Would you like to take a stab at her question? Is is this difficulty connecting a generational thing, geographical thing, or not a thing at all???

(photo courtesy of p0psicle, stock.xchng)

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