Bitter questions are often the result of unexplainable circumstances.

In response to Haiti’s earthquake two weeks ago, I’ve heard many people ask things like:

  • Where is God in the middle of this?
  • If there is a God, why would he allow something like this to happen?
  • How can the idea of a loving Father co-exist with such enormous tragedy?

I believe that behind all these complex questions is a simpler question, “If God exists, can He be trusted?”

I’m afraid any attempt to answer these questions on the blog will seem trite, and I’m apprehensive to even try. But at the same time, the questions can’t be avoided because I believe they’re often the bridge to a deeper understanding about life and spirituality. If you’re brave enough to face them.

During a dark time in my life I asked these same bitter questions. And, from my humble experience, this is what I can tell you.

God can be trusted, because no one loves or longs to protect his masterpiece like the artist himself. And as for where He is in the middle of this, I think there is one important thing to remember:

God was in the heart of Haiti long before an earthquake brought a oft ignored country to the national news. Haiti has been an epicenter of tragedy for hundreds of years. Most of us have just chosen to be ignorant of that fact. The past week’s events may have awakened our hearts and spirit, but don’t assume that because we’ve long slept through Haiti’s plight that God has, too.

He has been working through the hearts and hands of people in Haiti forever. And as much as we feel grieved by these events, I believe God’s heart literally breaks. The nameless faces we see on TV are children God has known from before their births, and He has the very hairs of their head counted.

And I believe, as much as God’s heart grieves for the tragedy, He is relieved that finally the rest of us are starting to love the people he’s been loving all along.

How do you wrestle with unanswerable questions?

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