“The Bureau of Standards in Washington tell us that a dense fog covering 7 city blocks, 100 ft deep is composed of something less than 1 glass of water. That amount of water is divided into some 60-thousand-million tiny droplets. Not much there, but when those minute particles settle down over the city or countryside they can blot out practically all vision.

A cupful of worry does the same in my life. I forget to trust God. The tiny droplets of fretfulness close around my thoughts and I am choked and my vision is blurred.” ~ Chuck Swindoll

I heard this on an Insight For Living Radio Program while I went for a long walk this morning. Amazing how a cupful of worry can cloud an entire day, year, perhaps even a lifetime.

The choice is mine whether or not to allow the fog of worry to impede my day. If I allow it, there’s a good chance I’m going to be tripped up by fear, impatience, doubt, and anxiety to name a few. A little bit of worry can make a heap of a mess.

I’m choosing clear, sunny skies today. How about you?

(photo courtesy of theraygun, Stock.Xchng)