I let someone down today.

Not an earth-shattering let-down, but enough of one to know that I didn’t turn out to be as wonderful as she originally thought. Of course, it didn’t come as a surprise to me. My weaknesses and I are well acquainted. I know better than anyone that my first impression can be far better than the real thing.

Still, it’s hard to watch someone else come to that realization. The look in her eyes, the words in an email, or that tone over the phone. Disappointment. I didn’t follow through like I could have. Didn’t step up and help out like she hoped I would. Didn’t respond with patience or kindness or grace like she needed. When I end up being less-than what someone wanted or needed …


While I hate my inadequacies, cringe at the thought of hurting someone, want to pull my hair out at my humanity, I’m pretty certain this won’t be the last time. I’ll let someone else down tomorrow. Or the day after. Maybe even both.

(I AM an overachiever, after all.)

So today I’m learning it’s okay to be “less than.” It’s not that I’m aspiring to inadequacy or lowering standards. But I’m not sure that losing sleep, over-achieving or beating myself up trying to make up for my less-than moments are a good use of time or energy. A far better use of both would be to:

  • Learn how to say “I’m sorry,” and mean it
  • Recognize that the Super Woman Syndrome is a bit obnoxious
  • Love others enough to allow them the freedom to be disappointed
  • Give more grace to my friends and family during their less-than moments
  • Embrace my humanity as evidence of my need for redemption and community
  • Remember to laugh, breathe, and not take myself so seriously

How do you deal with your less-than moments?

(pic courtesy of hortongrou, stock.xchng)