After decades of being an outcast in spiritual circles, it appears swearing is making a comeback.

Maybe you’ve noticed. A muttered “S—” in the hallways at church, a slip of “D—” at that edgy Christian conference. Even the occasional, well, you know. THAT word. Of course, the “H” word has long been more acceptable. It is, after all, a real place we church types spend a great deal of time hoping to avoid. As for the others? I’m hearing them a lot these days. Not only do they seem to be moving off the “bad” list, they’re well on their way to hip. Could it be that swearing is turning (Dare I say it out loud?!) nouveau chic?

I’ve never been much of a swearer, although I’ve considered taking it up from time to time. I’m not saying I’ve never done it. Hardly. But swearing to me has always been like smoking. Sure, it makes you feel a bit wild, let’s you hang out with that cool crowd, exhaling pollutants in the air like a bad girl. I’d probably enjoy it for a time. Might even discover momentary relief from all of this stress. But sooner or later I’d feel a need to quit, and after growing accustomed to it’s easy thrill and roll off the tongue, it’d be waaaaay too much work trying to give it up. I just don’t have the energy. I have enough bad habits already.

One friend thinks swearing isn’t a big deal: “There are plenty of other things to worry about.” Another (a former expletive artist, by the way) believes it’s disrespectful and shows ignorance: “It takes intelligence and maturity to choose better words.” The Bible talks about speaking only those things that build up, but I can think of plenty of non-PG13 dialogue that would fail that test, too.

Anyway, this is what I’m pondering, and it’s turning into a bit of a theme for the week. More posts to come.

What’s your take on swearing? Big deal or not a big deal? Why?

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