He sat two seats over from ours with his son, a boy of 9 or 10 with blond hair, blue eyes and perfect manners. A boy who didn’t say more than 9 or 10 words the entire night.

It’s no wonder the boy didn’t say much. How to you talk to a dad who takes you to a baseball game and then proceeds to fiddle with his iPhone THE ENTIRE TIME?!?!?!

In case you couldn’t tell, this bothered me a bit. I wanted to grab the clueless dad by the shoulders, shake him until the stupid phone fell out of his hands, and scream, “You’re choosing a phone that will be outdated in six months over a night with your son that you’ll never, never get back. You’re missing it!”

It’s 3:22 PM on Friday, and I have an entire weekend ahead with my husband. Too many times in the past I’ve spent my time and attention on something entirely LAME and have missed the beauty right in front of me. This is why you’ve seen me take more blog breaks than usual, why I took a two week break from Facebook and Twitter back in April, and why I’ll do it again every couple months ahead.

And it’s why, after posting this here post, I’m shutting ‘er down until Monday. Maybe you should consider doing the same …

Have a great weekend, my friends. And don’t miss the person sitting in the seat next to yours.

~ Michele