cs_cover1The life of a writer is feast or famine. Predominantly famine. But the past couple of weeks have been more feast-like, and I’m not complaining!

Last Monday I found out my article “Frugal Friendship” was featured in MOPS International, Inc. MomsNext E-zine. To read the article, click here. It’s a short piece on creative ways to invest in friendship without putting a strain on your bank account (a.k.a. alternatives to Starbucks and going-out-to-lunch dates).

A couple days later, I heard from Chicken Soup for the Soul and found out that two of my stories will be featured in their upcoming release Chicken Soup: Devotional Stories for Mothers. I’m really excited about this one, because the topic is close to my heart and I often speak to moms. Tentative release for this book is October 5, although pre-ordering is available through Amazon. (This is my third CS book)

There are a couple other things in the works right now, developments that also came about in the past couple weeks. But I’ll keep them to myself for the moment.

Don’t you just LOVE secrets??? 😉