I’m Back … Sort of.

Nov 9, 2010

I thought I’d only been absent from blogging for a few weeks. But I checked the date stamp of my last post.

September 21.

Seriously? Has it really been that long? To be honest, September was a blur. I don’t even remember October. And now we’re already into the second week of November.

Here’s a quick update from my world:

  • I spent the past month–er, two months–deciding the future of this site. Rather than eliminating it altogether, I’ve decided on a website makeover. The good news is I’ll still be blogging (thanks to those of you who wrote and said you’ve missed it!). The bad news is posting will be sporadic during the redesign period. My goal is to have the new site up and running by the first of the year. Until then, I’ll try to post about once a week.
  • Also starting in January, I’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter (yep, only once a month!). The content will be half inspirational and half informative (writing releases, travel news, speaking dates/locations, etc.). To sign up, send me an email. I’ll add you to the list!
  • Two new compilations (including stories from yours truly) released during my blogging absence. Chicken Soup: Devotionals For Mothers released October 3, and Chicken Soup: Christmas Magic released October 12. If you would like a copy of either or both, you can order on Amazon, or send me an email to purchase a personalized copy!
  • At the end of September, I taped a Focus on the Family radio program about stepmoms, a subject close to my heart. That program will air this coming Monday, November 15th. You can listen to it live on your local radio station or online.
  • October 25-28 I participated in another DCW conference in Vail, CO. I know it’s supposed to feel like work, since it IS technically part of my job. But our staff and students always inspire me. I love what I do! By the way, if you’re interested in becoming a speaker or improving your speaking skills, pencil in May 2-5, 2011 in Atlanta, GA.
  • TODAY I received a copy of Devotions from Standard Publishing, including 7 devotionals I wrote back in 2009. Yep, 2009. (I don’t think I had to color my hair back then). Yes, the pub process is SLOW. Still, reading those words from two years was like taking a walk through an old journal. Priceless.

That’s it for now. More to come next week. In the meantime, fill me in on YOU. Have the past two months been a blur for you like they have been for me?


  1. Todd Gorton

    Is once a week not that often? That is all I have the discipline for currently…but hey, at least I’m writing!!!

    • Michele Cushatt

      I'm glad you're writing, Todd!

      In answer to your question, typically the more you post on a blog, the more traffic you're likely to get. Thus the more community you build, the more feedback you receive, etc. HOWEVER, quantity is far less important than QUALITY and CONSISTENCY. If you can only do once a week, then establish that timeline with your readers and stick with it. Ultimately, do what you can do, but keep writing! ~ M

  2. @AshesNichole

    My internet browser didn't even have your site remembered anymore… Meaning it's been far too long since I've gotten to read some beautiful words. Glad to hear your back, and congrats on all the publishing! 🙂

    • Michele Cushatt

      Aw, how sad! Your poor, neglected browser. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet message, Ash. Miss you!

  3. Jerolyn

    Michele, so good to hear from you. I've missed you!! By any chance are you coming to Orlando this month with Mr. Davis?
    I'll be looking for the Focus station so I can listen to you on the 15th. How exciting! Life seems to have been in fast forward for us as well. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Michele Cushatt

      Thanks, Jerolyn! Glad to know I've been missed. No, not coming to Orlando with Ken this time. Are you planning to go to one of his shows? As for Monday's radio program, I'm planning to send an email with all the info. I'll make sure you're on it.

  4. Rhonda

    You are SO a "completer"!! :0) Your thoughts that you blog are insightful and inspirational. YOU come out through your blog. But it is ok to scale down and narrow the scope of your focus. I wonder if it was difficult for Jesus to pick just 12 to focus on or if in His divine wisdom, He knew the benefits of balance. Hmmmm….love you, my friend!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Someone said to me recently, "Every yes is a no to something else." Now to decide which are the right "yes's" and which are the right "no's." Easier said than done! Thankful for you, R. 🙂

  5. Chrystie

    First, SO glad you are back. Second, as a stepmom, I can't wait to hear your words on the subject. Third, please sign me up for that newsletter!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Thank you, Chrystie. So good to hear from you! I've missed our comments back and forth. And I'll be sure to add you to the newsletter list. 🙂 Are you a stepmom? I don't think I knew that. Focus is doing a three-day program next week. The first day is a stepmom panel. The second and third days include interviews with Ron Deal and Laura Petherbridge. You won't want to miss it. I learned so much!


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