fotf_logoOver the past 6 weeks I’ve heard from many of you who listened to the November 15th Focus on the Family program. Thank you for all the emails and phone calls! It was a beautiful and redemptive experience for me.

On November 17th, I returned to Focus on the Family for the taping of Your Family Live!, a webcast with Laura Petherbridge and Ron Deal. As it turns out, Focus used several video clips from my radio taping as part of the webcast event. A nice surprise!

One of my biggest mistakes as a stepmom (and I’ve made plenty!) was forging my way alone without the camaraderie of other stepmoms and much-needed resources. Those in blended family situations often feel both utterly alone and in over their head. At the same time, rarely do they reach out and ask for help. If you know a stepmom or someone considering a remarriage, forward this newsletter and the below links to the radio program or webcast. Empathetic presence and insight can help a stepmom not only survive, but thrive.