Every now and then you meet a group of people who weave their way into your heart without effort. The people of DeWitt Community Church would fall in that category.

I spent Mother’s Day weekend with the staff and members of this lovely church. With a 200 year history, the church’s roots go deep. But the hearts of her people go deeper still.

Friday I spoke to a group of small group leaders. We ate dessert and talked about the leadership qualities that encourage connection and growth. Their commitment to growing small groups was evident. Although they invited me to speak into their lives, I left inspired and challenged to be more intentional about creating connection in my own circles.

Saturday morning I spoke to the women’s group about the how to be a balanced woman in a do-it-all culture. Not easily done! I know this from far too much personal experience. They listened with the hunger of women who want to live well. Then they shared with the passion of women who love each other. Again, I left inspired to reevaluate the balance (or lack thereof) in my own life. In one morning, I made friendships that will last.

Saturday night and Sunday morning I spoke at all three Mother’s Day services. It was an odd thing to be away from my family on Mother’s Day. At the same time, I felt incredibly honored to be asked to address moms on this special day. It’s not often that a preacher shares his pulpit to allow a woman to speak on Mother’s Day! A true privilege for me, and I’m grateful and humbled at the way Mark Sommers honored the women in his congregation this way.

What a weekend! And what a church! If you’re in the Syracuse area, I encourage you to check out DeWitt Community Church. I was well-loved and encouraged while I was there. My guess is you will be, too.