The Deep Happiness of Humility

Jun 6, 2011

“[Trials and difficulties are] an opportunity to prove how our own pleasure or honor are nothing, and how humiliation is, in very truth, what we take pleasure in. It is indeed blessed–the deep happiness of heaven–to be so free from self that whatever is said about us or done to us is lost and swallowed up in the thought that Jesus is all.” ~ Andrew Murray, Humility

Dreams and disappointment sit at opposite ends of the same seesaw. When things are looking up, disappointment is swallowed up into the ground. However, when dreams explode and then turn to ash like short-lived fireworks, disappointment rises high.

This morning my good friend and author Kim Cash Tate included this quote from Andrew Murray on her blog. It seemed to sum up the place I’ve been trying to find for a long time. A place of such peace in the presence of God that no hardship or grief can taint it’s sweetness.

I’d say I’ve been there at different times, at that place of utter contentment, so caught up in the presence of God that I was almost clueless to the goings-on around me. But it’s a precarious place for a person of flesh. Worry, doubt, insecurity, pride — all these ailments tempt me from the safety of my knee-bending peace at the feet of my Love.

And so I hunger for it again, look for that sweet spot of communion, again reminding myself that I have nothing, am nothing, without the Grace of God.

The irony is that even there, in the center of God’s presence, joy and grief still occur. At times, I’m buoyed into the heavens by an unexpected success or a bit of good news. Almost as quickly, pain, hardship and disappointment plummet me to the ground.Up and down I go, looking for peace and place to feel secure.

It’s there. Where it’s always been. But the problem is I too often focus on the ups and downs, missing the beauty and rest found only in the middle.

The eternal love and presence of God–a promise he will always keep–stands as a fulcrum offering the perfect place of rest and safety in the ups and downs of living. That’s the sweet spot, the place deserving of our focus and energies. Dwell there. Rest there. Live there.

Because …

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” ~ Psalm 91:1

Let yourself be swallowed up in that this week, and everything else will fade in the deep happiness of that place.

How do you stay rooted in the presence of God, even when life is challenging?


  1. Susan

    What a powerful quote about humility. I had often wondered why I had went through some humilating tries, when it seemed there was no God, no justice, yet really a greater purpose was being worked out. These words also offer guidance to get us through the dark darks that may loom ahead.

    • Michele

      I agree, Susan. I seem to be gaining a different perspective on hardship the older I get. Maybe that’s just part of the growth of experience? Or maybe I don’t see the avoidance of hardship as the “end all” of life. Regardless, I have a greater peace that I had in my younger years, when I used to rail against God for not delivering me from every difficult situation that presented itself. Not that I don’t still do that from time to time, but less often. 🙂

  2. Donna Weaver

    Michele… I found your blog today… and what a blessing! Your words have touched my heart.

    I love the visual of the see-saw – it describes my life perfectly. This year I began a journey of seeking more personal and spiritual peace in my life. The challenge took the form of a blog. Great idea (?) I knew it would force me to become more disciplined in my writing, and hoped that in the process I could dig deeper, taking a closer look into my heart, soul, surroundings, relationships and God’s word. The challenge has become a “see-saw” of it’s own, because as usual, God had other plans. He has used my uncharted journey to humble me, teach me and stretch me to the limits. I’ve learned that life happens, and human-ness is just that, human-ness.. Who would have thought that a simple see-saw could at times, be such a wild and crazy ride. The journey has taken a path through hills and valleys, but I have been blessed to find peace in the most unexpected places.

    Thank you for reminding me that God’s peace is found in that “sweet spot.”
    Blessings, my friend.

    • Michele

      Soooooo good to hear from you, Donna! And thank you for sharing some of your journey with me. I’d loved reading your words and getting a glimpse of how God is growing and changing your life. Beautiful. Keep writing … and keep coming back here so I can “see” you from time to time! Much love, M


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