Today’s unexpected grace came in a form I didn’t anticipate:

An apology.

I feel like I say “I’m sorry” a lot. Probably because I have ample cause to. I’m married. And I’m a mom of three boys (almost men). Both scenarios give me adequate opportunity to do and say things I later regret. It’s frightening to realize I’ve likely missed quite a few other situations necessitating an apology.

But today I didn’t. And I’m glad.

I won’t go into the details, because they’re private and involve other parties. But today I said “I’m sorry” for an unintentional wrong, one that caused pain even in my ignorance. And the response was a bucket full of grace covering the both of us.

It occurs to me that we don’t say I’m sorry often enough. This week I’m officiating a wedding. During the message, I will remind the bride and groom that good marriage is said to be built on 12 important words:

  • I was wrong.
  • I am sorry.
  • Please forgive me.
  • I love you.

As I write this, I realize those 12 words might just be the foundation for any lasting, meaningful relationship–not just marriage.

How easily do you say “I’m sorry”? Does it come with conditions? Excuses? Qualifications? Or are  you able to freely express to those you love and who love you …

I was wrong.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Don’t let another day pass without making right a wrong. Saying “I’m sorry” could be the words someone most needs to hear, and the unexpected grace that will change both your days.