By the time you get this newsletter, I will be somewhere in the middle of Haiti. Le Jeune, to be precise, east of Port-au-Prince in a small village where we will be building a medical clinic for expectant moms and moms of infants. Since the earthquake, the clinic has been inoperable. We hope to get it close to completion during the time we’re there.

About once every year or two, our family takes some sort of international mission trip. Africa, Haiti, Mexico … the location varies depending on the need. But our intent is always the same: To do what we can with the little we have to show love to someone who longs for it.

For years we’ve asked ourselves if mission trips were the best way to go. Wouldn’t sending a check be more beneficial than spending the same amount to travel there?

On some occasions, yes. But after multiple conversations with missionaries as well as our own internal wrestling match, we believe short term mission trips are worth it. And here’s why:

  1. Telling someone they’re loved and their life matters is much more effective face to face.
  2. Missionaries are encouraged by our desire to partner with them in what they’re doing.
  3. My children capture a greater vision for the world, their part in it, and the God who sees it all.
  4. I am reminded again that my “light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”
  5. Simply because it’s the example Jesus set and the command He gave to follow.

Pray for us, for Haiti, will you?