The Cushatt Family has gone through a major transition. My plan is to post on that next week. For now let’s just say our team roster has nearly doubled.

This week, which also happened to be the first week back to school for half of our crew,  I got a virus. Not a sniffly, this-is-annoying type of sickness. But one of those I-can’t-get-off-the-couch kind of scenarios. As if the chaos wasn’t already at an unmanageable level …

In the middle of my misery, a dear friend brought dinner: chicken soup for me and a delish gourmet style meal for the rest of the fam. It fed more than our stomachs.

The next day I read this. A timely word.

“Suppose you’re sick. Your friend brings a meal. What meets your needs—the meal or the friend? Both. Of course, without your friend, there would be no meal; but even without a meal, you would still treasure your friendship. Hence, your friend is both your higher pleasure and the source of your secondary pleasure (the meal). Likewise, God is the source of all lesser goods, so that when they satisfy us, it’s God himself who satisfies us. (In fact, it’s God who satisfies you by giving you the friend who gives you the meal.)”  ~ Randy Alcorn, Heaven