For over 30 years, my good friend Ken Davis has been bringing family comedy to audiences all over the world.  His newest release, Fully Alive, is going even bigger — to the silver screen!  In just a few short days, Ken’s first ever feature film will be seen in 160 theaters nationwide for two shows only, March 22nd and March 25th.  The movie is the story of Ken’s journey in recent years from just existing, to living “Fully Alive.”

The distributor of this film is watching closely to see well how a faith-based film like Fully Alive will succeed in the general theater market. If the film does well, they will be looking for more projects like Fully Alive to bring to theaters. I watched the pre-release of the film, and you will not be disappointed. It’s the perfect night out for a family or group of friends and neighbors.

The plan is for packed out theaters from coast to coast. This is where you come in …

Please support this film by bringing your kids, family, friends, neighbors…anyone you know.  Ken’s comedy is hilarious and the message is life-changing.  This is a film that you will be PROUD to be associated with.  For a list of participating theaters, please visit  For a complete listing of theaters showing this film, click here. Remember, this is a limited release, for two shows only, March 22nd and 25th.  Please help us spread the word!

Once you make the decision to live Fully Alive … you will never be the same again.

See you at the movies!!!