New Resource for Writers: The Bestseller Society

May 15, 2012

My friend Mary DeMuth recently gave me the inside scoop on a new project she’s launching TODAY. It looks fabulous, and since many of you are also writers, I thought I’d share this resource with you. Enjoy!

Join the Bestseller Society

You want to be a writer, but you don’t know a thing about the publishing world. Or maybe you’ve been writing, and have tried to approach agents and editors to no avail. Publication appears a steep brick wall, impossible to penetrate or scale.

Whether you’re new to the writing world or an experienced but weary professional, you need someone to help you get inside the door.

Three of those publishing industry insiders have been working behind the scenes for the past several months in a secret author lab. Well, not really, but they’ve kept the secret since December.

Thomas Unstated, Jeff Gerke and Mary DeMuth. And what they’ve created for you is called The Bestseller Society.

Why did they create this site? Because they got a lot of folks asking how to write better, get published, and get noticed. The Bestseller Society helps you with all those things, for one low monthly price, rather than a pricey (and short-lived) conference. For less than you’d spend on that yearly writers conference, you can get coaching and instruction all year round. It’s pretty fun. Check out our main page.

The Society is made up of three academies:  the Marketing Academy led by Thomas, The Fiction Academy led by Jeff, and the Nonfiction Academy led by Mary. Each academy is $37 a month, but you can become a Mastermind by joining all three for $55.

Here’s a bit about us:

Thomas Umstattd runs the Marketing Academy. He’s uniquely qualified because:

  1. Thomas is still in his twenties (oh the energy!), Thomas has pioneered several successful companies.
  2. Thomas has a passion not only for social media and web presence, but he understands the needs of authors. Check out his site, Author Media.
  3. He’s a real-time thinker and strategist, constantly keeping up with the next new thing. He knows how to sift through what is fluff and what marketing efforts bring true success to authors.

Jeff Gerke runs the Fiction Academy. He’s uniquely qualified because:

  1. Jeff has published several books, including novels and books for Writer’s Digest on how to write novels. He also is a nationally known editor for several publishing houses.
  2. He’s a prolific speaker, sharing his seminars and proven techniques for both character and plot development around the country.
  3. Jeff inaugurated Marcher Lord Press, a publishing house for speculative fiction. As its founder, publisher and chief editor, he knows how to shepherd writers through the publication process.

Mary DeMuth runs the Nonfiction Academy. Mary is uniquely qualified because:

  1. She’s traditionally published twelve books, and has also learned the art and craft of e-publishing and Print on Demand.
  2. She understands the importance of platform. She’s learned the power of marketing, tribe creation, and social media engagement. Follow her on twitter!
  3. She is passionate about helping other writers. She wrote a book about it. And I’ve mentored writers for years on my successful and well-visited writing website. She also has a teacher’s heart, mentoring and teaching writers all over the world.

Cool side note: If you sign up for the Nonfiction Academy, you get Mary’s nonfiction proposal tutorial (100+ pages, $25 value) free with sign up.


The Bestseller Society folks had a lot of fun setting this site up. They laugh a lot, learn a lot, and give a lot. What you get with membership:

  • Hours and hours of un-boring, super exciting video instruction (and we introduce new content often).
  • Upcoming podcasts on trends, craft, and marketing
  • Printable resources
  • A mastermind forum where we coach you, and you learn from other writers on the journey
  • Freebies on proposals, queries, marketing plans, and character sheets
  • Access to guest teachers–particularly top agents, editors and publishers
  • Heavy discounts on products and tutorials created by industry insiders
  • Curation of content. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the best information and what will really help you get published and get noticed. We find the best, most success-producing content and deliver it to you.

You want to publish a book. We want to help you get there. Join the Bestseller Society and watch your publishing dreams come true.

Free ways to connect:

Join the Bestseller Society


  1. Mary DeMuth

    Thanks so much for highlighting our launch today! I appreciate it.

    • Michele

      My pleasure. It was a huge success!

  2. Robbie Iobst

    Very good info Michele! I’m excited to now be a part of this organization! :0)

    • Michele

      And I’m excited FOR you! You’re on the verge of an adventure, Robbie. DON’T GIVE UP.


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