I’ve fallen back in love with hockey.

My flame flickered and went out once I stopped getting free club-level seats and my favorite Colorado Avalanche players retired.

But last night I watched the last 6 minutes of the Stanley Cup Finals. A blowout, the Los Angeles Kings over the New Jersey Devils. Not all that exciting.

What wooed me back had nothing to do with the actually hockey-playing part. It’s what happened afterwards. When every player from both teams lined up to shake hands.

Hockey is the only professional sport that still makes it a priority to exchange “Good game” wishes to each other on the way out—win or lose. Not the MLB, the NFL, or the NBA. Only the NHL.

And THAT is why I still love hockey. Because when you love what you do and believe in your art, it matters a great deal how you walk away from your game.

Especially if you don’t hold the prize.

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