LAUNCH Conference Quotables

Oct 16, 2012

“What do you love most about what you do?”

We’d just met, over dinner in Beavercreek, CO. She began our conversation with questions about my career, about the speaking, coaching and writing I do, as well as my role with Dynamic Communicators International.

What do you love most about what you do?

A good question, and one I’d been contemplating more than usual during recent weeks. Because of that, I was prepped with a definite answer, like a rocket ready to launch:


Whether coaching, speaking or writing, I love seeing faces light up with realization and listening to stories of life change. Nothing jazzes me like delivering a dose of courage and inspiration and watching people come alive.

For the next six days I’m at an incredible ski resort hotel nestled in the Rockies Mountains for both the LAUNCH and SCORRE Conferences. Over 150 participants and staff have gathered to talk about (1) LAUNCH: how build a business on a solid, sustainable framework, and (2) SCORRE: the art of communication.

Honestly, I wish you could be here. Every time I attend—and I’ve done so many times—I learn something new. Ken Davis, Danny de Armas and Michael Hyatt bring a unique and powerful combination of experience and insight. It’s incredible.

But since you’re not here, I’ve compiled a few quotes gathered in just the first 24 hours. Any one of these is rich with potential for significant change. Read them slow, savor each like a slow piece of candy. I hope these encourage you as much as they do me.

“Life doesn’t have a winner’s circle. Only a finish line.” —Ken Davis

“Don’t get stuck chasing who you want to be, and miss being who you were made to be.” —Danny de Armas

“There is no silver bullet to growing your professional speaking business. It’s a process.” —Ken Davis

“A dream becomes a reality only when some part of it shows up on your calendar.” —Ken Davis

“Emulate to learn. Innovate to earn.” —Mark Sanborn

Perfectionism will kill the [YOUR] launch!” —Ken Davis

“Keep your eyes open for opportunity. Don’t keep beating the ‘only’ door that you THINK will open if you keep hitting it hard enough.” —Ken Davis

“You are the variable that can turn the whole thing.” —Michael Hyatt

“You need people in your life who care enough about you to help you see your blind spots … Pick your critics wisely. You want people in your life who speak truth to you.” —Danny de Armas

“If you want to  achieve your dreams, you must be courageous.” —Michael Hyatt

“Being who you are is better than trying to be someone else whom you admire.” —Ken Davis

“We don’t have problems in our house. We have opportunities for solutions.” —Dan Miller

“Fail your way to success.” —Ken Davis

“Regrettably, most people give up just before their success breakthrough occurs. Don’t quit before it gets interesting.” —Michael Hyatt

Even if you’re not writing, speaking or building a business, these quotes have a lot to say about life in general. Which one most resonates with you?


  1. Libby Butero

    All of these quotes are good and inspire but at first reading without a lot of contemplating the last quote by Michael Hyatt caused a second look with “don’t quit before it gets interesting”. It was a good quote but adding that last phrase was genius…….. or either it says a lot about what I need to stay at the table. Thanks for sharing.

    • Michele

      I thought the same thing, Libby! It’s those two lines together that are so powerful.

  2. Brenda Quinn

    Those are wonderful, Michele. Thanks for sharing! I love them all. What comes to mind is another piece of great advice that sums these all up, in my mind at least: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknoweldge him and he will direct your paths.” Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Michele

      Proverb 3:5-6. My husband’s life verse. Thanks, Brenda.

  3. Melissa Irwin

    Hi Michele,

    I deeply enjoyed the SCORRE conference, the writing break-out and your final speech. What a joy it was to be there, to learn, grow and connect with new friends. God bless.

  4. Karin Hurt

    You were inspiring! I don’t have a single quote from your speech, but was touched by the image of connecting with those “running by us” with one chance to speak to them. I will carry that with me as I continue my writing.


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