Today’s the day. LAUNCH DAY.

The new, revamped This Is Your Life podcast with Michael Hyatt is now LIVE. You can listen to the episode via iTunes or watch the video of the entire recording.

{Or, if you happen to be my parents, you can do both. Simultaneously. With a small group of neighbors, friends and strangers dragged off the street. Hi, Mom & Dad.}

Now. Can I tell you something, just between you and me?

I’m nervous. As in I-didn’t-sleep-a-wink-last-night nervous.

Silly, I know. A grown adult shouldn’t be nervous about something like this. After all, it’s not life and death. The stakes are relatively small. Besides, I know fear is often little more than a runaway imagination fueled by a dash of insanity. But (I can’t help it) the in-recovery pleaser in me is nervous just the same. I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to disappoint.

That’s why yesterday I pulled out an old copy of Brene Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability. She reminded me that success isn’t a product of doing everything with perfection or getting truckloads of affirmation. Success is being brave enough to show up. To risk. To try. To put yourself out there and be seen. And to show your truest self to the world without holding back.

So yes, it feels risky. Yes, I feel vulnerable. But it also feels oh-so-good. Because I’ve poured myself into something I believe in, something I enjoy. And I showed up. That is success enough.

Some have asked me why I took on this project. A valid question, especially after all the chaos and unknowns of the past few months. Does it make sense to take on a project of this magnitude after all that’s happened? Yes. And here’s why.

Opportunity requires stewardship. Over the past couple years, I’ve been blessed with a growing influx of opportunity. Speaking engagements. Radio interviews. Book contracts. Recording projects. I’m honored, and not a little confounded by it. Although I can’t explain the”why” of it all, I receive it with gratitude. At the same time, it’s forced me to choose. I can’t say “yes” to everything. I can’t do it all. Being a podcast co-host allows me to invest in my dream and steward my abilities with less impact to the rest of my life. I can spend more time at home with my family while still doing what I love. It’s a win-win all around.

A calling must be honored. It is my belief that every one of us is entirely unique. We’re equipped with gifts, talents and experiences that are unmatched by any other human being. That means my role in this generation can only be fulfilled by me. The same is true of you. We’re given the timeline of a single life, with an unknown expanse of days. To honor the life we’re given means to step through open doors, to attempt to multiply God’s investment in us. It requires wisdom and discernment, yes. But to ignore our callings is to ignore the One who called us.

A well-lived life looks forward, not back. When February brought a diagnosis and March a life-altering surgery, the temptation was to hole up and hide from life. That’s the honest truth of it. There were too many what-ifs, too many unknowns. To be frank, there still are. I have zero guarantees. But here’s a hard truth: neither do you. Today I’m healthy. Strong. I feel better than I have in years. So either I can sit and wait and watch. Or I can step forward in FAITH, trusting God to handle whatever is next. I choose the latter. As for tomorrow? It’s not here yet. So I’m not going there.

Now, let’s talk about you. Yes, this post is about today’s podcast launch. But I don’t want you to miss the bigger message:

Today is YOUR launch day, too.

You may or may not have product or podcast or tangible something sitting in your hands. Yet. But you do have something to offer, something the world can’t afford to go another day without.

YOU. Your life. Your words. Your presence.

So do me favor today, will you? SHOW UP. Get out there. Allow yourself to be seen. Take a risk and bring your best self to your world. All you have is today, so use it well.

Steward the opportunities. Honor your calling. Live forward not back.

And that, right there, is success enough.

{P.S. Thanks for celebrating with me, dear ones. This is so much more than a launch day for me. It’s a second chance at life. Love you to the moon.)

Where do you need to “show up” today? 

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