Hi there!  This is Joy from Michele’s team.  I have a special message for you from one of Michele’s good friends, Kathi Lipp.


So many of you have asked if there is a specific way you can support Michele during this time of radiation treatment and chemo. We’d love to invite you in to pray and encourage Michele.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Pick a date to pray for Michele during her radiation treatment. (Michele’s treatments are Mountain Time.)

2. Send her a note at least a week in advance with the date you are praying for her on the envelope. As she’s waiting to go into treatment, she can read your note (keep it short and positive!) and know that you are praying for her. Here is her address:

Michele Cushatt 9457 S. University Blvd., #524 Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

I asked Michele what we she would want us to pray for specifically, here is what she said:

1. Awareness of God’s character and presence. The eyes to SEE his glory and his goodness even in the dark.

2. Zero fear, but exponentially strengthened faith (wouldn’t that just irk the devil to no end?!?!)

3. That God would put a bubble around healthy cells while allowing the radiation/chemo would do exactly as it should and kill EVERY cancer cell.

Can I have an AMEN?

Friends, I know that each of you are as honored as I am to walk alongside Michele during this time. Thanks for being her stretcher-bearers.


So that’s it! Will you join us and #prayforMichele?  Just visit this page and sign up for a time slot. After today, she has 25 more radiation treatments scheduled.  We want to make sure she’s covered and smothered in prayer for every single one. Thank you in advance for being a part of this effort.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

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