It was the day before surgery. My last day with an unaltered voice and the last day of relative “normal” before the long and grueling months of surgery, treatment and recovery.

So much was packed into that one day. Imagine all you would need to accomplish if you knew the next three to six months you’d be completely out of commission.

Yes, exactly.

But when Colleen Swindoll-Thompson, Director of Special Needs Ministry for Insight For Living called and asked to do a video interview about my book, Undone, I couldn’t say no. It was something I needed to do.

In the interview, Colleen asked me questions like:

  • What was the phone call that changed your life, and how did you respond?
  • How did God comfort you and remind you of His presence in the moments following your cancer diagnosis?
  • What have you learned about yourself during this tough time?
  • Who has been helpful to you throughout your journey?
  • How can we handle our darkest moments?
  • What can you say to the person who feels that God is not showing up during his or her tough moments?
  • Managing vs. Experiencing: What have you learned about trying to control situations?
  • What would you say to those who are suffering?

The final video was released this week, Tuesday, March 3. Such tender timing. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I felt a twinge of grief at its release. It seems like a lifetime ago, that day when I felt strong and could talk and eat without difficulty. Many days I wish I could go back, be unaltered, feel “normal.”

Even so, life will come back, one day soon. I believe it. In the mean time, I watched this video in its entirety, with far more joy than sadness. Somehow the strong, whole, clear-spoken Michele spoke to this beat-up, worn-down version of her. And you know what? She gave me a little more fight for my battle. She reminded me of Who’s in charge, and how deeply He loves. And she helped me see the beauty in the unexpected once again.

I hope it does the same for you, too.

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