I didn’t expect all the gift contained.

Or how it would give back to me a hundred times over in the years that followed. I only saw a twenty-by-fifteen inch package, give or take, wrapped hastily in recycled wrapping paper. It was Mother’s Day 2006, when my boys were still young enough to bounce like Winnie-the-Pooh’s Tigger at the mention of their mom’s special day.

Thus the reason for the gift. After opening it, however, I knew without a doubt that the gift came from someone other than my bouncing boys.

A laptop.

Shiny. Unused. For me.

I looked at my husband, stunned, thinking it to be some kind of mistake. I’d never had my own computer. We didn’t have the budget for this, at least not for a wife’s flimsy dream.

He only smiled and nodded in return.

“I want you to write,” he’d said. “Anywhere you want. Anytime you want.”

And so I did.

For nearly nine years. Late at night. Early in the morning. At coffee shops, bookstores, my bedroom, my kitchen and my office. During carpool, while running errands. On the family room couch, in the backyard, while watching my children ride bikes in the front yard. On weekdays, weekends, holidays. In airplanes, on the ground.

I wrote. And I wrote. And I wrote.

In time, I lived a story. Then, when the time came, I told the story.

My friends, I’m thrilled to announce that today, March 10, is the official launch of my very first book:

Undone: A Story of Making Peace With An Unexpected Life

{oh, goodness. let’s just stop and read those last two lines a few more times, shall we?}

You can find it anywhere books are sold, including the following:

Even better? When you purchase a copy of the book, you will get a FREE DOWNLOAD of a unique piece of art I commissioned specifically for this book. Created by the talented Mandy Thompson, it beautifully captures the unfolding of this undone, often unexpected life. Go to UndoneBook.com to claim your free download.

A wife’s dream. A husband’s heartfelt Mother’s Day gift. And years of living an unexpected life.

I had no idea all that would transpire in the nine years since Mother’s Day 2006. No, I didn’t expect all the gift contained. The unexpected, unpredictable turns, both the good and bad.

And although there are parts of this story I wouldn’t have written for myself, twists of plot I would’ve rather avoided, I can’t help but see the many ways the story has become something far more exquisite than my simple mind could’ve ever imagined.

Today, as I watch a girl’s dream and a husband’s heartfelt gift come to fruition, the only words that come to mind from this vantage point are these:

Undone is beautiful.

[offer-box securecheckout=”false” footnote=”One more thing … To all of you precious souls who have stood by me—seen and unseen, spoken and silent—and have cheered and prayed for so many steps of this story, THANK YOU for helping to make a dream come true. You are forever part of my story, and it’s far richer for your presence in it.”]

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