The Strength Of Weakness

Jun 24, 2015

Okay, SWEET news. Mind if I share it with you?

Today I’m blogging over at Proverbs 31 Ministries. I’ve long dreamed of writing with and for this amazing group of servant-hearted women. And today is the day!

For those of you unfamiliar with Proverbs 31, here’s a short excerpt of their mission and heart:

Proverbs 31 Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to lead women into a personal relationship with Christ … Wherever a woman may be on her spiritual journey, Proverbs 31 Ministries exists to be a trusted friend who understands the challenges she faces, walks by her side, encouraging her as she walks toward the heart of God.

Needless to say, I’m a fan. Not only does their leadership team include some of my dearest friends—Lysa TerKeurst, Renee Swope, Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer, among others—their mission is one I stand fully behind. I love their commitment to the Word of God, their love for women and their stories, and their unwavering dedication to shining a light of hope in hard places.

That’s why today I’m honored to share—how should I say?—a revealing part of my story with the P31 family. That ought to tease you just enough to read the rest of the story. {And guys? Don’t worry. Just because it’s a chick blog doesn’t mean there isn’t anything for you. You can click and read the post and no one will ever know. 😉 }

Enjoy, my friends.

It was the opportunity of a lifetime, I knew.

For years I’d dreamed of being a writer. In between mothering a houseful of monkeys (a.k.a. children), I’d hunker down over my laptop and wrestle with words. But navigating the tension between dream and duty seemed impossible.

Until, one day, an email landed in my inbox.

“We’d like to invite you to be one of our speakers…”

A speaking invitation. To a large national conference.

Hope rallied. I stared at the screen in disbelief. A break, finally! I couldn’t mess it up.

But soon after, the unthinkable happened … READ MORE

Strength of Weakness


P.S. Oh, one more thing … last week over 400 people signed up for the 7-Day Challenge to Making Peace With An Unexpected Life. Amazing! So many have written to say what a lifeline it’s been. I’m couldn’t be more pleased. Remember, this is a FREE resource, my gift to you. If you haven’t already, make sure you join in! ~MC

How could your weakness actually be a strength? 


  1. Leah DiPascal

    Thank you for sharing your story with us at P31. We love you and continue to lift up prayers as we wait in great expectation to celebrate your complete healing from cancer. May our hearts be forever connected through our love in Christ. Despite the huge challenges we face every day He is totally worth it! 🙂

    • Michele Cushatt

      Thank you, dear Leah. I agree—He is WORTH IT. So thankful for you and your tender heart. Glad we’re friends. xo

    • Michele Cushatt

      “Crummy” is right! 🙂 But I can’t deny His presence or activity, even here. And for that I’m thankful. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart and story, Jodi.

  2. Becky

    I loved reading your post today on P31. It hit so close to home. I lost my husband & high school sweetheart to squamous cell carcinoma which started on his tongue. I’m so glad to see you are living out your dream! I can’t wait to read your story!

    • Michele Cushatt

      I’m so sorry, Becky. I know first hand what a long and painful journey you’ve been on. I pray you’re finding new life and joy and purpose, even in the middle of the undone. With you, my friend!

    • Michele Cushatt

      I’m sorry for your tremendous loss, Becky. I have no doubt that your journey has been a hard one. I pray Undone encourages you and helps you to see the presence of God in the midst of the undone!

  3. Nicole

    Michele, I just read your post on Proverbs 31. I to was diagnosed with tongue cancer Stage 4 in 2011. It took a 16 hour surgery which involved removal of 3/4 of my tongue, a free flap made from the lower half of my left arm, and skin graft from my left thigh to cover my arm, a trachea was put in place and I had a radical neck dissection where they removed 64 lymph nodes. After 4 weeks home from the hospital I had 30 rounds of radiation and 6 chemo treatments. I lost 80 lbs in what seemed like just a months time. To say I was miserable, scared and wondering if I would ever be “normal” again is an understatement. My faith in God, my husband and children are what got me through it all. I still can’t and never will speak or eat normally again. I was even dependent on a feeding tube solely for months. But I had it removed and forced myself to drink protein shakes and try small soft food. I am considered No Evidence of Disease at this moment. I had to go on a medical leave of absence from my nursing position at work due to malnutrition. I dropped to an all time low of 116 pounds. When they put me in the operating table I weighed 189 pounds. I am almost 6 feet tall. I have been feeling very hopeless and lost for quite some time. Everybody got their life back but me. I know I should be grateful to be alive and see my children grow up, but some days I just feel so defeated and sorry for myself. Recently, I have really been digging into God’s word. I am currently doing the Mended Heart bible study with Proverbs 31 and it is really a blessing. But when I came across your story today I just stopped in my tracks. Someone who truly understands. And has put her life back together and is flourishing. You have no idea how much hope this has given me by reading your words this morning. I woke up cranky and feeling blah. Another day of sitting home with no real plan. But knowing that if I got out my bible, I would find some answers. And then I went online and there was your story. I am going out to get your book today.. Thank you so very much..

    • Michele Cushatt

      Oh, Nicole. I’ve been thinking of you non-stop. Your journey sounds almost identical to mine. I have had 2/3 of my tongue removed. I have the scars on my left arm, left thigh. I had a feeding tube, a trach, all of it. I understand all too well how hard it is to wake up in the morning, to choose to move forward, to LIVE. I’m a different person than I was 8 months ago. And I’m having to face the fact that I’ll never be the same: emotionally, physically, spiritually. I have scars, seen and unseen. And I need to grieve for so much. As do you. You have every right to mourn and cry and ache for what was and could’ve been! But please know this … you are BEAUTIFUL. Just as you are. And God has a purpose for you that far outweighs the losses. I believe this! It was no accident that we ended up connected here. If I can ever encourage you, please reach out and connect. I’m with you. Even better, HE is with you! ~MC

  4. Taylor Arthur

    I loved this post! Thanks for writing about the “too hard” parts of life. I really needed to hear that I am enough this morning. God bless you!
    Your sister in Christ,

  5. Laura

    I just read The Strength of Weakness and felt like it was written to me. I’m 37, and was diagnosed with mouth cancer in September. After surgery to my tongue, it spread to my lymph nodes. I had a second surgery, and I’m now recovering from radiation. I’ve tried to show everyone that I am OK, Normal, Back to 100%, even though I am far from that. I tried so hard that I collapsed at work and had to be sent home to finish my recovery! I’m a mommy of 2 little boys, and I wanted to be strong for them. Your blog gave me permission to be weak. Thank you isn’t enough, but please know that your writing helps people you don’t even know.


    • Michele Cushatt

      Oh, Laura. We’re sisters, you and I. Going through the hard places together. You are NOT alone, although I’m sure there are moments when you feel like it. Yes, girlfriend, you have permission to be weak. You’ve endured a lot—too much. But rest assured: He is bigger still. And He IS with you. Much love to you, my friend. —MC

  6. Katie

    This post and your book have both left me undone; left me wondering how it is possible to live with such authenticity amidst the hard. You have chosen to do this with so much honesty its unsettling, because, really, any one of us could be in your shoes. You seem so very normal 😉

    Thank you for the amazing courage you have shown in the face of many of our greatest fears. Thank you for keeping it real and not throwing out cliches like parade candy, glossing over the the struggle and the humanity of it all.

    And most of all thank you for choosing to let God be glorified through it all, even the messy parts. I’ve dealt with a little of my own hard but when my turn comes again I will face it more gracefully than before because I have seen it modeled well. Committed to praying for you as you continue to be used by Him. <3

    • Michele Cushatt

      Such kind and beautiful words, Katie. From my heart, thank you. God’s grace astounds me. As for me appearing to be normal??? It’s all a facade. 😉

  7. Holly

    So loved this story! Cracked me up! When I was getting ready to speak at my dad’s funeral I was scared to death I was going to fall walking up to the podium because a. I can’t walk in heels and b. I am as clumsy as he was. I whispered my fear to my aunt before I walked up and she said, ” I hope you do, because that would so be your dad, plus, no one wants to see perfect.” 😉 Though I didn’t fall in my heels , I did spit all over the podium (gleeked) when I took a sip of my water. It looked like a fountain coming from my mouth. And yes everyone saw it and cracked up. Lol God has this way of like I once heard, keeping our heads in the clouds but our feet down here on earth. 😉 This story Michele was hilarious and makes us love you even more. He truly is the strength in our weakness. And yay on writing for Proverbs 31 so stinkin’ cool!


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