Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate you?

Today’s video clip is the last of the promised six-video series. It hasn’t been an easy revelation for me. And yet you’ve made it a safe place to lower the veil and show the authentic and real side of this undone life.

Thank you for making an in-progress girl feel loved.

As for you, I hope you’ve found a little more peace for your own unexpected story. We can’t control all the many ways our lives may come undone. Disappointment is bound to happen, much more often than once. But we don’t have to be undone by it. You and I can lean in. Embrace it. Choose to be real in the process, and come together to LIVE, right here and right now, in spite of the losses.

In the process, we’ll find that precious place of peace we’ve been searching for all along.

“For He himself is our peace …” —Ephesians 2:14

I love sharing this undone life with you, my friend. I’ll be back to blogging next week. For now, enjoy the final video.

[callout]This is a short selection of an in-depth conversation Michele shared with a circle of close friends March 7, 2015. For background on the series, you can read about it here. If you’d like to watch the interview in its entirety (it’s just over 55 minutes), please click here for instant access.[/callout]