If you’re living in the middle of a hard story, you’d probably do anything to find someone who understands. We can endure just about anything as long as we know we’re not alone. But isolation in addition to pain multiplies suffering exponentially.

About a month ago, I sat down with Stephen Scoggins of The Journey Principles Podcast to record what would become one of the most in-depth interviews I’ve given on my Undone Story and some of the lessons I’ve learned as a result.

If you need to know you’re not alone, that there is someone who understands your losses, at least in part, listen in to this two-part interview.

PART 1: http://www.journeyprinciples.com/podcastepisode013/

During Part 1, I give a cliff notes version of my story over the past five years, and Stephen and I discuss the physical and spiritual upheaval that came as a result of those unexpected circumstances. In addition, I talk about how God deepened my faith in spite of all my doubts and questions, and I give you the four foundations for learning how to do the same in your story.

PART 2: http://www.journeyprinciples.com/podcastepisode014/

In this episode, Stephen and I talk about how my Undone Story impacted my family through so many years of intense crisis. You can’t go through significant trauma without experiencing some fallout in your family relationships, including marriage, parenting and extended family interactions. Our family didn’t do it well many times. But we did learn several lessons in the process, and in the second half of my Journey Principles interview, I share three of those lessons.

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What is the biggest lesson you learned in your Undone story? 

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