Whew. It’s a big week. It seems the world holds its collective breath while watching the United States of America. I’ve seen 12 presidential election cycles in my lifetime, most of which I remember. But none seemed to carried the weight and implications of this one.

The tension is palpable. The anxiety rising. I see friend after friend withdrawing from social media because the angst is intolerable. And I see friend after friend sharing post after post in an almost frantic frenzy to sway the outcome. Everywhere I go—the coffee shop, grocery store, my own kitchen table—the conversation always circles back to the most pressing topic.

Who will our next leader be?

These are important conversations. And, in my opinion, one of the best gifts of this pivotal political season. People are talking. We’re discussing and wrestling and disagreeing and thinking. The unimaginable nature of this election has, finally, awakened us. We’re paying attention, revisiting what matters, and reevaluating our convictions. This is what we should’ve done years ago. At long last, the tension of this moment has finally awakened us enough to care.

This, of course, has caused no small amount of conflict. In fear, some have turned to hostility and hate. Like a cornered animal afraid for its life, some have become offensive and abusive in their own misguided sense of country and self-preservation. Although unacceptable, it’s understandable. Humans do desperate things when they fear for their lives.

For the past several months, especially the past several weeks, I’ve been watching and processing all that I’ve read and heard in the public light. You have not seen me make any political proclamations or judgments, nor will you see me do that today. Those conversations are best reserved for a medium which allows for eye contact, mutual respect, and back-and-forth dialogue.

But I am going to make a spiritual proclamation, and it’s simply this:

How you and I respond to election results (or any life-altering circumstance) says a lot about where we’ve placed our confidence.

We have every right and reason to be concerned. These are trying times, trying circumstances. There is reason to be sober-minded, wise and educated about the issues and those leading us through them.

HOWEVER. It is one thing to be concerned, another to be consumed.

If your happiness or peace or security hang in the balance depending on what does or does not happen in the polls this week, then you’ve given far too much power to finite people and times. Concern? Yes. Fear and panic? No. I’m a patriotic American, from a long line of servicemen who have devoted themselves to the freedom of our democracy. I love this country. But my hope is not in it. My security does not rest in a party, a person or our constitution.

It can’t. Because anything that can change, die or disappear is not nearly strong enough to hold my hope.

The second Tuesday in November is a significant day on the calendar. But the only day on the calendar that held the power over our peace and life was a Friday.

And that Friday was followed by a Sunday. Easter Sunday.

And on that Sunday, my leader came to life. And I will follow Him to the death. And beyond.

If you’re anxious and overwhelmed about the circumstances of this week—or the angst in your own life—I get it. This life provides ample reasons to be afraid.

But instead of allowing fear to keep you knotted up about the unknown, instead remind yourself of what cannot change:

  1. God is sovereign. He is over all, in all, through all. No person or event changes this. Ever.
  2. No leader has any authority except what God gives him. The long history of the Bible gives ample evidence of God’s ability to use even the worst of leaders for His purposes. He’s got this one covered, too.
  3. God’s affection for you is everlasting. He loves you. YOU. Trust it.
  4. In Christ, your future is secure. This is a tough one, because we tend to see “the future” as what happens to our retirement accounts, our national security, the unemployment rate and global warming and the earth. But we’re thinking far too short-term. The future for every one of us is this: Death. Morbid? Yes. True? Yes, yes, yes. This life doesn’t last forever. So if you want true security, make sure you’re wrestling with that reality. And choosing Jesus as your ticket to real life.

Regardless of what happens, there’s a lot of life (and important work) waiting for us after Tuesday. This great big world will still be filled with terrified people who live knotted up on the inside. Let’s you and I show them what it looks like to be Sunday people unafraid of Tuesday politics. Because although it seems the whole world is at stake, the stakes were already paid on a good Friday on the cross.

[reminder]I want today’s comments to be FILLED with hope. Share one verse or story that gives you confidence and security in our God.[/reminder]

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