For Those Who Wonder If They’re Enough {VIDEO + FREE Invitation}

Dec 21, 2016

Do you ever struggle with feeling good about yourself?

Come on now. Tell the truth. No need to appear more confident than you really are. Maybe the source of your dissatisfaction is your appearance or a hard relationship. Or perhaps a struggling career or dwindling dream. Regardless of the source, your dissatisfaction leaves you feeling “less than.” You take stock of the beauty and talents and achievements of those around you and you think, “I’ll never measure up. I’ll never be enough.”

No matter how hard you work, how hard you try to achieve your goals and be the kind of person you can be proud of, something always happens. A blunder. A failure. A circumstance completely out of your control. And you end up disappointed, disillusioned and out of love with yourself.

Whew. I understand. More than you could possibly know. But I have good news: You and I don’t have to feel that way anymore. There’s a way out … {PLAY VIDEO}

That’s it, friends. The first step of a mind-blowing, heart-renewing, life-changing journey. It starts here. Sign up, and let’s dig in to this I Am journey together.

See you soon. ~Michele 

[callout]This is your OFFICIAL INVITATION to join Michele in a FREE 7-day ‘I Am’ Video Experience! To sign up, simply click here and provide the necessary information. Tomorrow, the first of 7 exclusive videos will be delivered directly to your inbox. It’s that easy! But please note: These videos will NOT be made public, so don’t miss your chance. We’ll see you inside! [/callout]


  1. Wendy

    I’m so excited for this Michele. And you look absolutely beautiful and radiant my friend! xoWendy

  2. Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

    I am very excited to watch this video series. I know this is a problem I have and also know so many others who feel this way constantly. Thanks for doing this Michele!

  3. Ruth Hartunian-Alumbaugh

    Can the program be detained and viewed at my convenience or am I obligated to start it immediately after I sign up? I would like to give this a shot but don’t want to start by adding even MORE to my life during this season! Thanks!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Hi there, Ruth. The videos will be delivered to your inbox. That means you can ignore them sitting there until you’re ready to watch. No pressure. The videos can be played directly from your email, so they won’t “go away” after a certain time frame. I hope it encourages you!

  4. Bobbie

    Do we need to purchase the book before the video series begins? Thank you, this is exciting!

    • Michele Cushatt

      No, you don’t. Although I mention the book in the video series, the videos stand completely alone without it. Just a gift. I hope it encourages you, Bobbie!

  5. Julie Sunne

    Hi Michele,
    I’ve watched the intro and first video. Powerful series, indeed, for grounding ones faith in the solid foundation of the Lord! A must watch and must share.
    Thank you and blessings!


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