It’s been more than six years since my insecure self first opened a Word document and typed the words “I Am …” What followed was very little typing, and a whole lot of staring at the screen:

I am …

The cursor blinked while I waited for inspiration. Clearly, the sentence wasn’t finished. I needed more. But what came next?

Perhaps I could talk about my relationships, the people who called me “wife” and “mom.”

Or I could mention my business, the speaking I loved and my independent, entrepreneurial bent.

FOOD. Yes! I could talk about my love of all things food—cooking and eating—and the long-distance running that had to happen as a result.

Or how about my volunteerism and church attendance, the ministries I participated in and the faith I claimed to love? Those were important and certainly looked impressive.

All of those things were part of what made me … ME. Problem was, I didn’t feel like I did them very well. Marriage, motherhood, work and faith. Was I good enough at any of them to claim them as my own?

I didn’t think so.

Who am I? 

The cursor continued to blink, and I continued to wonder.

Now, fast forward to TODAY {good gravy, somebody grab the Kleenex}. Because today—six years and one hard and undone story later—I’m finally able to announce I found my answer. An answer is delivered in a book far more redeeming than those first two impossible words:

I Am: A 60-day Journey To Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is.

{Let all the praising and high-fiving and donut-eating commence. Because HELLO. That kind of gestation deserves more than a little birthing celebration.}

As of today, that half page Word doc is now a book, 288 pages that took shape through far more hardship and heartache than my much younger self could’ve imagined. But it was worth it. So very worth it. Because all that struggle finally delivered the significance I’d long been looking for.

Rather than write more words, here’s an inside peek into the backstory for the book, my heart for the message … and how I Am can bring new life and lasting security for you. {click on the video below}

Are you ready, my friend?

Are you weary of wondering who you are, why you are, and where you fit in this world? You don’t have to exhaust yourself trying to answer the “Who am I?” question. You don’t need to keep killing yourself hoping to be loved. Self-esteem techniques and self-help strategies aren’t enough.

Instead, soak up the words of I AM. He’s the One who created you. The One who loves you and has promised to be with you, forever.

Let’s you and I stop chasing after value, and instead receive it. 

You and I are enough, because He is enough. And that’s a beautiful way to live.

i am


[reminder]On a scale of 1-10, how much do you struggle with your identity and value in this world? Now, are you willing to allow God to rebuild you, on His truth? [/reminder]

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