You’ve heard it said: Leaders are readers, and readers are leaders. I’m now one month into my summer sabbatical, and you can bet that I’ve voraciously devoured a plethora of books. Often many different ones in a single day.


Recently, a member of my Inspired Life Mastermind asked me how I go about choosing books to read. She noted from social media and our conversations that my taste in reading material seems to be quite eclectic.

She’s correct. I read a wide variety of books, for a wide variety of reasons. Some books I read for my own personal development. Others I read to gain some type of business insight. Some I read to gain helpful insight about my children, spouse, or good friend. And others I dive into simply to escape, to lose myself in a beautiful story and complicated characters that, in the process, teach me something about life, faith and myself.

For those who wonder, my reading routine for the past several years is simple: I read spiritual non-fiction books in the morning, usually some kind of self-discovery/personal growth/business book while going for a run or walk, and then a novel or memoir right before bed. This satisfies my desires for multiple flavors throughout the day, and keeps me engaged with various writing forms and styles.

How do I find time to read, you ask? Simple. It’s important to me. Thus, it’s not hard to give up other time-consumers to make it possible, such as television, social media and phone games.

Since January, I’ve read a total of 40 books. That includes hard copies, digital copies, and audio versions. Here is a small sampling of my 2017 favorites to spice up your summer reading list while you sink into the beach, lose yourself in the mountains or, curl up in a quiet hammock in your backyard. The ones I enjoyed most are highlighted with Bold Text. Enjoy!






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[reminder]I’m always on the hunt for new reads. What books have YOU enjoyed in 2017 (or years past)? Leave your recommendations in the comments![/reminder]