Those who know me well know I’m not much of a TV person. However, in the middle of my summer sabbatical, God surprised me. I packed up a small suitcase and a stomach full of nerves, jumped on a plane to Dallas, Texas, and recorded my first ever television show: LifeToday TV with James & Betty Robison.

I know, right?!

It was an amazing experience, a highlight of my summer. Not only did I get to see my friend, Sheila Walsh, but I met two amazing gentlemen who are leading faithfully and humbly in their corners of the world: Derwyn Gray & Johnathan Lee Iverson. The conversations we shared in the green room both before and after the tapings will be the type I savor and remember for a long, long time.

Now here we are two months later. And my show is set to air on LifeToday TV tomorrow. TOMORROW. Here are the details:

Monday, August 28: Michele Cushatt: The Nearness of God

A woman who has faced unimaginable physical pain talks about the presence of God during those difficult times.


As my littlest boy would say, “I have that jumpy worry feeling in my tummy.” Yes, buddy. That about sums it up. So, to add a little fun to this experience and to include YOU in the celebration, this is what I’m going to do …

A GIVEAWAY! And not just any giveaway. The biggest giveaway I’ve done to date! The prize package includes:

  • 2 copies of I Am (one for you and one for a friend!)
  • 2 I Am Scripture Cards & Easels
  • A $25 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble—so you and your friend can hang out, talk about I Am, drink coffee and SHOP!

Want a chance to win? This is what you need to do: 

  • Take a picture of you watching the show! It’ll be kinda like we’re hanging out, watching TV together, and taking a selfie, yes?
  • Post that picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can say something like, “Just hanging out with my buddy Michele Cushatt, talking about her book I Am, and eating corn dogs.” 
  • TAG me in your post, AND leave a comment below! This is important, so I can track you down and enter you in the drawing. Besides, I’m dying to know how much fun we had eating corn dogs.

That’s it! Make sure you watch and post no later than midnight Friday, September 1.

NOTE: For those of you who miss the schedule airing, you can always watch the interview online. Not nearly as much fun, but I’ll still enter you into the drawing.

Need help finding LifeToday TV on your network? Below is a link to the station guide where you can find the times the show will air in specific local television markets, including YOURS:

Thanks for celebrating with me, friends. It always takes my breath away when I see evidence of God using unimaginable losses for glorious gains. But there’s no one I’d rather be breathless in the Presence of than Him.

[reminder]How has our God used YOUR losses for great gain? Please share a snippet of your story with us. [/reminder]

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