Push on With AN Answer Even if You Don’t Know THE Answer

Oct 10, 2017

[guestpost]You know that friend with whom you feel a deep soul connection, even if life and time rarely allow you to share the same geography? That’s how I feel about my friend Chrystal Evans Hurst. We met several years ago at a conference and rarely see each other face-to-face. But our phone conversations, text messages and sister-like-honesty prove we’re connected just the same. Which is a good thing, because the truth is we need each other. All of us. Pull up a chair and a cuppa, and settle in for a strong word from my friend Chrystal. Also, be sure to leave a comment to be entered to win ONE of THREE copies of Chrystal’s new book![/guestpost]

Misty Copeland, the first African-American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, didn’t grow up dreaming about being a professional ballerina. She grew up in a single-parent home where there wasn’t really extra money for dance lessons. But Misty did know she wanted to dance, so she joined the drill team at her school. The team coach noticed her natural ability and recommended she take ballet at the local Boys & Girls Club. Misty’s gift continued to open doors for her as she discovered a growing passion for a direction in her life she didn’t even know was possible (Blumberg, 2016). Misty didn’t have THE answer to who she would ultimately become. At first, she simply followed a path that began to reveal AN answer to her — one step at a time.

There’s a common problem many of us will face in our lifetime. We want to know THE answer to our divine purpose —  whether we should take a specific job, what our major should be in college, or whether we should say yes to a certain business proposal. We not only want to know an answer from God, but truthfully, we want to know THE answer. As if there is only one answer to life’s questions, we wait for God to SLOWLY … CLEARLY … and AUDIBLY … give us THE answer.

It’s not our job to find the answer.

Our job is not to find THE answer — some answer that leads to a culminating master plan or purpose. Our job is to move forward as we become aware of AN answer we can act on. We must accept that AN answer is part of the process of getting to THE answer.

I’ve heard my father say a million times, “God loves to hit a moving target.” It’s true. We are more apt to find THE answer when we’re willing to move on what we know and can do today.

By moving on answers already available to you, you will find that you are, in effect, moving toward more answers waiting to be discovered.

Friend, know this…there is a girl inside of you that is destined to be great. And though you may be wondering, “Great at what?” Begin to recognize the gifts that God has put in you. Notice what brings you joy and satisfies your soul. Acknowledge your experiences, recognize your pain, and see all that has been allowed into your life as the stuff that can play an integral part in finding your purpose. Then move toward AN answer — some answer — and trust that by doing so, you will begin to engage with the girl only you can be.

Building on the gift God has given you means practicing who you are and what you love. You may be practicing for a while as you wait on God for guidance, direction, or an answer. But the practice and the wait are worth it.

Trust that, as you honor your life by doing what you can with what you have, AN answer today will be a part of the process for THE answer tomorrow.

Chrystal Hurst is an energetic, fun-loving “girl-next-door” who loves to encourage other women in fulfilling their full potential in Christ. She is the author of She’s Still There: Rescuing the Girl in You and co-author of Kingdom Woman. Being the eldest child of Dr. Tony and Lois Evans, Chrystal has been surrounded by the Word of God her entire life. You can also find Chrystal writing on her blog or sharing conversations on her podcast—Chrystal’s Chronicles—where she poignantly reflects her thoughts about her faith and day-to-day experiences. You can also connect with Chrystal on her Facebook Page.

[reminder]Have you been waiting for THE answer? What is AN answer that you can act on today, while trusting God for whatever lies ahead tomorrow? LEAVE A COMMENT to be entered to win a copy of Chrystal’s new book She’s Still There. [/reminder]


  1. Noelle

    Thank you for giving us a opportunity to win this what looks like a amazing book. This author is new to me.

  2. Marsha

    This spoke directly to me today. I have been asking God to direct me about a BIG question and He seems silent. Instead, He’s giving me little steps to take and encouragement to keep on keeping on in my current situation. As I read this message, I could see He is giving me AN answer after all – He’s directing my next steps just not revealing where they will lead.

  3. Dianne

    What a great concept and way to think about this. Personally and professionally there are a lot of changes taking place for me in my life. Taking things day by day has been key for me, but doing this and also looking to God for AN answer and direction each day, day by day, is key to moving towards THE answer. I like that! Thank you


    Thank you for introducing me to this speaker/writer. I’ve signed up to Chrystal’s podcast feed.

  5. Linda C

    Thank you for sharing this encouragement. I have wasted so much time in my life looking for THE answer. Thank you for reminding me that I can move forward with AN answer and still make progress. Today, I will move forward and keep moving forward. I may not get THE answer until the Lord returns, and that is okay because I know that He is working in me as I flow through with what He has given me already. Blessings to you for all that you do to share His Word and His Hope!

  6. Donna Ahlberg

    Oh yes, I go back and forth from being in charge needing to know to letting go and just being. I have experienced more joy with a combo…doing my best and letting go. Its not easy but it is good. Knowing that I need to do the footwork but not control all outcomes gives me a balance of “I can do this with Joy”

  7. Diane Nichols

    Pursue Him. Dig in His word. I want to turn my back on Him/His word when I don’t get answers. I just need to be steady and faithful to Him.

  8. Jerolyn Rosentrater

    Wow! That you! It’s so easy to get sidetracked and focused on the wrong things. My leaning towards wanting to make life an adventure can keep me from doing what God has given me to do.
    Thanks for this timely reminder.

  9. donna ahlberg

    So I left a reply earlier but just got to work and on my way heard a song that says it all. Control, by Tenth Avenue North. That is what I meant to say….all in that song!

  10. Tammy

    Truth! When I wait for THE answer, NOTHING happens. But when I step out with the little I already know, that’s when the magic happens 🙂

  11. Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

    I really think this problem stems from something the church believed decades ago and we heard from the pulpit often (maybe it’s still going on?) and that is that we needed to find our “one” purpose and begin doing it for God right away. There were books, bible studies, etc. on this subject. It confused a lot of people, and many were left wondering why they couldn’t figure it all out. Did God even have a purpose for their life? I felt into that trap, and worked many years getting an education in order to fulfill my purpose, only to lose it a short time later to significant health issues. It was confusing and hurtful…until I realized exactly what Chrystal was saying. God does call some to a specific work (think Billy Graham), but for many of us, we are to be a “foot,” a “hand,” part of his body reaching out in many ways throughout our days to show the world who He is. It’s very important work for a very important purpose.

  12. Christi

    This is all very true and encouraging! I’m 58 years old, and I’m currently trying to find the sweet spot in the application of the talents God gave me, where ability, success, and joy with the process meet. It’s scary because I’m leaving the method of past success in my effort to find the method that gives me joy. I take heart and I’m SO thankful for the successes that occur when I do what you say to do in this blog post, trying to focus on what I feel like doing instead of what someone has directed me to do in the past. (That direction was right for that time.) I trust that successes are encouragements from God that I’m on the right path. They increase my faith when I’m afraid b/c I fell short. Falling short makes me wonder if I made a mistake and should go back to the old tried-and-true that’s boring and doesn’t give me a charge. I might end up where I started, but participating in as many opportunities as possible seems to be the only way to allow God to steer me. I trust God that if I don’t act, he won’t direct; if I act in faith, he will direct. I think your blog post validates my thoughts.

  13. Stacy Yany

    Doing the Worthy study; finding, building, recognizing, and discovering…thank you!

  14. Sarah Beckman

    For many years, I knew my purpose was to be a writer and speaker. Only, I also knew my bigger purpose in those years was to be a stay at home momma to my 3 kids. For me they were primarily exclusive of one another because my husband had a job that took him away from home for longer periods of time traveling and there was no margin in our lives for two “big” jobs that would take us both away from home. I knew God had entrusted me with those littles to care for and also with a husband who needed the calm and organization in our home when he would return whether it was from a trip or just a long stressful day at the office.

    I felt frustrated at times that my dabbling in writing and speaking when I could fit it in during the school days or within the bounds of my hubby’s availability to watch the kids so I could be gone was not “more” or “bigger.” But I totally see that I was slowly working toward answers from God each day. I was practicing the “faithful with the few” in hopes that some day he’d “put me in charge of many”.

    My patience and sowing has paid off. I’m speaking more this year than ever in my career and my first book that released this year is more successful than I ever dreamed. I knew the long term game, but I had to be patient until God allowed it to come to fruition. And that was for OVER A DECADE.

    I love love love this post and the truth I see in it. We always want the Big answer NOW and what God wants is our faithfulness in the day to day as we keep slowly moving toward the call he has on our lives. It can be many different callings, but through many tantrums and why do I have to wait so long, he has proven faithful of course!

  15. Trudy

    I love this post, and the book sounds so inspirational and applicable to my life situation. The quote at your site, Chrystal, really draws me in – “You may not want to embrace where you are, but it is so important to embrace who you are.” Thank you both for gifting this book. AN answer I can act on today is to abide in Jesus, to surrender my will and way to Him, and to take His hand to wherever He wants me to go. Not always so easy, but He gives sufficient grace and is so patient with me. Hugs to you both!

  16. Shannon

    Great article…and AN answer is definitely better than NO answer when we are searching for our purpose!

  17. Pam

    Wow! So timely for where I currently find myself as a single mom who was called to a season of unemployment and rest nearly three months ago. Following AN answer today in the form of this post. Thank you!

  18. Vickey

    Wow! This blog just gives me further validation that my life is finally (after 56 yrs) moving by God’s direction. I have never known what I was supposed to do with my life – seemed I had no real purpose or passion. I have pray ed for years for an answer, to do something with meaning and not just a paycheck. I started a few years ago with just making some healthy lifestyle changes and I began to feel an urge for more. I retired recently and continued to pray for something more (“Is This As Good As It Gets?”). Doors began to open and I have recently expanded on my healthy changes and am pursuing a goal that I am so excited about. As I have not made the best choices in my life, I pray for God to give me validation that this is the path I should be on. Over the last month since I have retired, things seem to be falling in place and little signs continue to tell me this is where I am supposed to be. It has only taken 56 years but God does things in His time not mine.

  19. Pearl Allard

    Chrystal, I’ve been praying for direction for a few weeks and EVERY blog post or speaker I’ve heard in the past couple days has led me to conclude I need to just keep taking another step forward. I don’t have to know where I’m going to know I’m on track. I almost laughed when I read your blog post – the most clearly worded answer and confirmation yet! Thank you so much for this. Really appreciate it.

  20. Jana

    One step at a time, trusting each time we move ahead, listening, watching, inching along. If God revealed the whole thing to us, why would we need faith?

  21. Debbie

    My husband has just received an interim pastor position and we are so excited to be serving. We have had five years of waiting and trusting.

    My prayer life and bible study is consistent but I know there is much to come.

    Blessed to have found your book and will be doing it next month!

  22. Jen

    Yesss! I’ve suffered loss and seen God’s faithfulness in it. I’ve sought and served him through it. He is showing me what the next step of ministry looks like for me, as a result of that loss. And as I come alongside a friend who is living out her calling, I’m discovering He’s given skills and gifts I didn’t know know I had. He’s opening doors. The future awaits!

  23. Kristine Crumb

    So true….walking one step at a time….trusting God with each unknown.

  24. Elaine

    This is very encouraging. I thought my path had been revealed step by step. And then.
    Things came to a screeching halt and each door closed. I’ve been confused and lost.
    I feel hope rising now.

  25. Erin Wilson

    I LOVE this. And I even feel that at times, when the Lord is preparing us for THE answer with AN answer, He is wanting to see just how far and how hard we are willing to work for and pursue THE answer for our God-given destiny and purpose in this life. Again, love this! And it speaks to my soul. ??


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