[guestpost]You know that friend with whom you feel a deep soul connection, even if life and time rarely allow you to share the same geography? That’s how I feel about my friend Chrystal Evans Hurst. We met several years ago at a conference and rarely see each other face-to-face. But our phone conversations, text messages and sister-like-honesty prove we’re connected just the same. Which is a good thing, because the truth is we need each other. All of us. Pull up a chair and a cuppa, and settle in for a strong word from my friend Chrystal. Also, be sure to leave a comment to be entered to win ONE of THREE copies of Chrystal’s new book![/guestpost]

Misty Copeland, the first African-American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, didn’t grow up dreaming about being a professional ballerina. She grew up in a single-parent home where there wasn’t really extra money for dance lessons. But Misty did know she wanted to dance, so she joined the drill team at her school. The team coach noticed her natural ability and recommended she take ballet at the local Boys & Girls Club. Misty’s gift continued to open doors for her as she discovered a growing passion for a direction in her life she didn’t even know was possible (Blumberg, 2016). Misty didn’t have THE answer to who she would ultimately become. At first, she simply followed a path that began to reveal AN answer to her — one step at a time.

There’s a common problem many of us will face in our lifetime. We want to know THE answer to our divine purpose —  whether we should take a specific job, what our major should be in college, or whether we should say yes to a certain business proposal. We not only want to know an answer from God, but truthfully, we want to know THE answer. As if there is only one answer to life’s questions, we wait for God to SLOWLY … CLEARLY … and AUDIBLY … give us THE answer.

It’s not our job to find the answer.

Our job is not to find THE answer — some answer that leads to a culminating master plan or purpose. Our job is to move forward as we become aware of AN answer we can act on. We must accept that AN answer is part of the process of getting to THE answer.

I’ve heard my father say a million times, “God loves to hit a moving target.” It’s true. We are more apt to find THE answer when we’re willing to move on what we know and can do today.

By moving on answers already available to you, you will find that you are, in effect, moving toward more answers waiting to be discovered.

Friend, know this…there is a girl inside of you that is destined to be great. And though you may be wondering, “Great at what?” Begin to recognize the gifts that God has put in you. Notice what brings you joy and satisfies your soul. Acknowledge your experiences, recognize your pain, and see all that has been allowed into your life as the stuff that can play an integral part in finding your purpose. Then move toward AN answer — some answer — and trust that by doing so, you will begin to engage with the girl only you can be.

Building on the gift God has given you means practicing who you are and what you love. You may be practicing for a while as you wait on God for guidance, direction, or an answer. But the practice and the wait are worth it.

Trust that, as you honor your life by doing what you can with what you have, AN answer today will be a part of the process for THE answer tomorrow.

Chrystal Hurst is an energetic, fun-loving “girl-next-door” who loves to encourage other women in fulfilling their full potential in Christ. She is the author of She’s Still There: Rescuing the Girl in You and co-author of Kingdom Woman. Being the eldest child of Dr. Tony and Lois Evans, Chrystal has been surrounded by the Word of God her entire life. You can also find Chrystal writing on her blog or sharing conversations on her podcast—Chrystal’s Chronicles—where she poignantly reflects her thoughts about her faith and day-to-day experiences. You can also connect with Chrystal on her Facebook Page.

[reminder]Have you been waiting for THE answer? What is AN answer that you can act on today, while trusting God for whatever lies ahead tomorrow? LEAVE A COMMENT to be entered to win a copy of Chrystal’s new book She’s Still There. [/reminder]

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