Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! If we’ve known each other for any length of time, you know Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday of the year. What’s better than circling up with friends and family and savoring the abundant gift of this one beautiful life? We have much to celebrate. Much.

In a moment, I’ll let you get back to your cooking and turkey prepping. I have at least three pies to make myself, not to mention a house to clean for guests. It’s hard to believe that in a week we’ll be putting away the turkey fixings, eating the last of the leftovers and hauling out all the Christmas decorations. I don’t mind, though. Thanksgiving launches a lovely month of family time and spiritual reflection. Leaving the perfection of heaven for the tension of Earth, our Immanuel came, driven by love, desiring to be near us, with us, forever. There’s no better reason for gratitude.

Okay, now for a bit of news. To help celebrate the season, I’ve created a special holiday gift package just for you. Starting today, I’m offering a first-ever, personalized I Am Holiday Gift Bundle. I had so much fun dreaming this up, and I’m excited to share it with you! Here’s what is included:

  • Autographed copy of I Am: A 60-day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is
  • One set of 60 I Am Inspirational Scripture Cards
  • One Easel for display on your kitchen counter, desk, bedroom (or anywhere else!)
  • A festive organza gift bag
  • Holiday treats
  • A personal holiday greeting from you! (optional, for those who are gifting)

This I Am Holiday Gift Bundle is a $45 value. But for the next month, we’re offering it for only $30 (plus shipping). Of course, you might want to get one for yourself. But this would also be an easy-peasy, personalized gift for the special people in your life, including:

  • Your mom, aunt, grandma or daughter
  • A single friend who doesn’t have much family (or get many gifts)
  • Your favorite next door neighbor
  • A co-worker who could use the encouragement
  • A sick friend
  • Your child’s teacher or coach
  • A small group leader or other ministry leader
  • A deployed or other military friend


All you need to do is head on over to my web store and add a gift bundle (or three) to your cart. And don’t forget to include your personalized note in the comments section of your order! We’ll make sure your gift has that extra thoughtful touch for those you love.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends. And know without a doubt, I am grateful for the gift of YOU.

[reminder]Okay, let’s make today’s question both fun and personal. What are you most looking forward to this holiday week? Can’t wait to get an inside peek at your Thanksgiving celebration. [/reminder]

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