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Aug 26, 2019

The message showed up in my inbox in the middle of an ordinary Friday. One of hundreds that made it my way that week. Although I’m sure I miss a few here and there, I read every message I receive, over email, website, Facebook, instagram. Each word matters to me, the people behind them even more so. I know those who find the courage to write are only a fraction of those who struggle to hang on to their faith in the middle of real life. Which is why making space for their stories matters to me.

However, this message from a gentleman I’ve never met, touched my heart in a unique way.

Why? Because he wasn’t looking for me. Nor was he looking for God. But God chased after him anyway, and he used a message I delivered more than a year ago to let him know.

I am sure you hear this all the time, but As I was surfing the radio channels hoping to find some decent rock to listen to, I always quickly change the station if it’s religious. I was drawn to listen to something you were saying about why a little girl was asking you why do you talk funny. For at least the first 10, I think more like 20 minutes it didn’t feel religious until well after explaining your life changes.


This speech brought me to tears. One because of what the subject matter was about and 2 cause I have some strange spiritual things happen to me recently. It’s like like God has been trying to get my attention. And I feel he put me in the path of you.


If haven’t guessed it yet, I am a truck driver. Not an easy life in any way. I attend church only on major holidays, besides the fact my belief is I can pray anywhere I want, not in need of a church. And yes there are certainly things about me that I am looked at for me in a bad way. So this speech hit all those buttons. For now I just want to thank you for sharing your life, bet you touched many lives. what a great way to leave a foot print in the sand.

This message from my new truck-driving friend “John” reminded me of three important Truths:

  1. Faith is a work of God’s great grace, not our great effort.
  2. God will go to great lengths to draw those He loves to himself. He’s not giving up on you, not even close.
  3. We may preach and teach and write all kinds of Gospel words, but it is God’s Presence that changes and heals hearts.
  4. My one job? To love Him so much that the reality of His presence within spills out all over. The rest is up to Him.

As for the message John stumbled onto on the radio? It was a presentation I delivered to the full staff at Focus on the Family in July 2018. About a week ago, they aired it on the radio and posted it to YouTube. If you need to hear a word on how to stand firm on Truth even when life falls apart, watch it below.

And, for the record, if I appear to have any confidence at all, it’s because other secret I share in this message. One-hundred percent.

Click here to get more information about the resource Michele mentions in this video: I Am: A 60-Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is
QUESTION: Whether we know it or not, we all attempt to combat insecurity through our appearance, career, possessions, relationships, and roles. It’s part of the human condition, this need to grab on to whatever we can in order to feel strong, safe. Where have you tried to find your confidence, your identity? And what are you going to do differently moving forward?


  1. Jan

    Michele, I can’t tell you how much God has used you and your devotional, “I Am” not only in my life but in the lives of others I have given the book to. Your story and how God never left you in your health struggles is an encouragement we all need. Thank you for obeying His leading..

  2. Linda Hoenigsberg

    just the other day I heard an interview with Rebekah Lyons and Katherine Wolf. Katherine had a stroke at a very young age and one side of her face droops. She talked about how that actually brought her freedom…freedom to quit caring about what the world thinks about what she looks like. She feels free to just be herself. Her “identity,” the one she believed was who she was, was forever changed and what really matter, the beauty of her inner spirit was able to flourish. I want to get to that point in my own life. We never know who is listening, right? I have heard a few stories of how God finally reached someone (including my husband) when these “coincidences” began to happen. Incredible story!

  3. Wendy L Macdonald

    Oh, Michele, this is powerful. Yes to His Presence and His purpose.

    Thank you. I needed this.

    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

  4. Bruce Cross

    Michele – thanks for helping me realize my tear ducts still work! I was doing some busy stuff at work and slapped on my ear buds to listen to the message in the video. I am listening to it again as I write this. You heartfelt words simply confirmed what the Father has been speaking to me.

    I recently wrote a post on my own blog (after a 21 month absence) that spoke of seeing myself as God sees me. Your post and the video are “keeper” material (along the lines of your Red Sea Moments post which is deep within me. )

    One day I pray I have the opportunity to meet you. For now, simply know your words have touched me and for that I am grateful….Bruce

  5. Jodi Rosser

    Just watched your message and it was phenomenal. We walk in the presence of God and in the purposes of God! Thanks for this great truth!



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