Tomorrow marks three months since Relentless released into the world. Never have I poured so much of my truest self into a project. In spite of my initial trepidation about such raw transparency, I knew it was absolutely necessary:

People are suffering, Michele. They’re lost in a dark that is taking them down. They think God has left them. If you want to help, you’ll have to walk down into the dark with them. 

In a world filled with such pain and complexity, we need more than trite cliches and easy memes. When wrestling with faith in the face of real, hard life, we need something to sink our teeth into, something that will hold up to our questions and doubts and the many circumstances that threaten to take us under. We need someone who will tell us we’re alone.

And so I wrote Relentless. Because, ultimately, this is what I needed, too. For two years I dug deep into my life and faith, including the unspeakable questions and shame-filled doubts I feared made me anything but Christian. However, in the ninety days since release, the messages I’ve received from readers have confirmed my conviction:


Deeply honest. This book offers a lifeline.

Pulled in at the beginning, and never let go.

Worth a second read. And more.

This book has changed the way I look for God.

Thoughtful, biblically sound, and full of hope.

Relentless opened my heart to restoration and hope!

A banqueting table set for a feast …

… Reminds us we don’t ever have to prove ourselves or be good enough.

This is a sampling of the public comments readers have shared with me. As you can imagine, I’ve received even more personal, gut-wrenching private messages. So many of us are suffering. And our shame over our faith questions isn’t doing anything to ease our pain.

That is why I’m committed to doing everything I can to create a safe place to (1) Process our pain and questions, and (2) Provide resources that will help strengthen our faith.

Because of that, I have an announcement. And this announcement comes with a year full of resources that won’t cost you a thing.

Beginning Tuesday, February 25th, I’m releasing a brand new, 15-episode Relentless Podcast and YouTube Conversation. I spent months creating this, and I can not wait to share it with you. Here’s what you need to know: 

  1. Episodes will release one at a time, every two weeks (with a short break in the summer)
  2. Each of the 15 episodes follows the chapters of Relentless. That means you can read a chapter of the book, and then listen or watch to the associated Relentless Podcast episode to take your experience and the conversation deeper
  3. The Relentless Podcast provides bonus, behind-the-scenes, and practical content to help support you on your faith journey. This content can’t be found anywhere else.
  4. Each episode is available in both audio AND video formats, to meet you where you are.

To get access to the Relentless Podcast, here’s what you need to do:

First, mark your calendar for February 25, 2020. It’ll be here before you know it!

Second, subscribe to this blog. It will take you less than a minute, and you’ll received a free download packed with Bible verses for when you need to know God is near. Every time a new episode releases, I’ll let you know with a blog post. It will contain information about the new episode and a thoughtful question for community discussion.

Finally, if you haven’t already, buy the book. You can get Relentless at Barnes & Noble,, Amazon or any major book retailer, in person or online. It’s not hard to find. Be sure to purchase the version that serves you best: Paperback, Digital, or Audio. By the way, I recorded the audio, which means it has some persona touches you can’t get elsewhere. Although you can listen to the podcast without the book, the book provides important context.

I’m so excited about the next ten months together. I pray that by the end of our time together through the pages and stories of Relentless, you would discover new hope, a deeper faith, and God who never leaves.

QUESTION: On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you in God’s love for you? What experiences have contributed to your confidence, or lack there of?

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