A Love Letter

Feb 14, 2023

Hi, friends. It’s been too long, I know. Although I don’t expect you to wait around for a new blog post to drop :), I apologize for my unexplained absence. The reasons for my silence are complicated, some painful, many private. Over the next weeks and months, I plan to share some of what I’ve been learning in this wilderness of sorts.

For today, I wrote you a love letter. This is not a typical blog post, no catchy headline or 3-point takeaway. Instead, it’s a reminder of three simple but securing words:

You are loved. 

Now hold on. I see you nodding your head, rolling your eyes, “I know, I know, I’m loved. Whatever.” You think you already know this. But trust me, you don’t. Not really. Hidden in a dark corner of our identity sits a crack of doubt that we are deeply, unconditionally, and eternally loved. And all it takes is a loss or struggle to blow that crack wide open.

This has been a life-long battle for me, the past year even more so. You would think, at my age, It wouldn’t be a problem. And yet, in the quiet beyond the reach of the day’s activity, I still struggle to see my worth, to embrace my inherent value, to accept the extravagant affection of my Creator and Father, regardless of how far I fail and fall.

That is why, in the middle of this war for my worth, I did something new. I didn’t plan it, didn’t even know I needed it. But that day, it saved me.

Rather than listening to a destructive narrative, I wrote a new one. A love letter, from God to me. Presumptuous? Perhaps. So I grounded each sentence in scripture, Yes, I wrote the words I desperately needed to hear, but words God had already spoken.

This is the result of that love letter. And today, I’m giving it to you. Make this letter your own by filling in the blanks with your name. Then, read the letter out loud, and hear God’s voice speaking the truth of His grace and love for you.

No more lies. Only truth. And a whole lot of love.

A Love Letter

___________________________, my child,

I made you. I was the one who formed your face and hair, your heart and mind. I put all the pieces of you together. Your thoughts, your emotions, the way you walk and talk and relate. I wove the unique parts of you together—even the parts you don’t like—with intention and purpose and love. (Psalm 139, Isaiah 43:1)

Right now, you feel the hard truth of your humanity. I know it seems overwhelming and hopeless, and the enemy wants you to be buried by the shame of it. All you can see is how weak you are, how impossible it is for you to change yourself. You feel defeated, and you’re tempted to give up. (Romans 7:15-24)

But _____________________________, you are loved, not rejected (John 3:16). You are received, not shunned (Psalm 27:10). I see you for who you are, in all your imperfection (Romans 5:8). No, you cannot save yourself. You’ve tried, I see that. But I can. Trust me. And allow me to do the work in you that only I can do.

“Do you want to be well?” This is the question I asked the man who had been an invalid for 38 years (John 5:1-15). Now I ask you the same question: Do you want to be well? Do you want a life that is built on a rock of Truth and Love, and that cannot be shaken even when your world falls apart? (Psalm 62:2, 6) I can give it to you.

It won’t be easy. You will need to relinquish your hold, trust my control, and wait on me. (Psalm 27:14) You will need to humble yourself under my hand, giving me all your anxiety and fears and shame, and trust both my heart and my timing. (James 4:9-10, 1 Peter 5:6-7) I am not going to crush you, but to build you. I will not leave you as an orphan, _________________________. I will come to you! (John 14:18) I am your Father, the lover of your soul, your savior and deliverer. I can work a healing in your heart that you couldn’t dream of even if you tried. (Malachi 4:2) I am Jehovah Rapha, the God Who Heals You. (Exodus 15:26)

Don’t lose faith, ____________________________. Satan has asked to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you, child, that your faith would not fail. (Luke 22:31-32) You are safe in my hand. And I will never let you go. (John 10:28-29).

Your Abba

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  1. Tanja Bass

    This is so beautiful
    So raw
    So interchangeable

    Thank you my friend you are in the company of many fighting the same battle

  2. Karen Goins

    I am in agreement with you and the scriptures. I needed this letter today. Things I already knew. But to read them again changes my tears to smiles. My strength is in the Lord!🤗😍😇

  3. Terrie

    Michelle, I am so glad to receive your email. You have been a deep source of inspiration to me through the years. Not knowing what it is you have been walking through this past year or so, I simply want to affirm you. To let you know that Holy Spirit has masterfully gifted you with the ability to write in an impactful, authentic and poetic way. Your journey has touched me as I have journeyed also through long seasons of deep pain and questioning. May our Abba continue to carry you and strengthen you sweet sister-in-Jesus.

  4. Mary G

    Thank you, Michele. I just recently saw the upcoming book and plan to grab is as soon as its released. I’ve been avid reader & follower, as I appreciate your transparent, authentic sharing. You always point your audience back to God.

  5. Vivian

    Beautiful prayer to our Father, Michele. We are truly loved by Abba. You are loved by all of us who have followed your journey. Thank you for your encouraging words. 💜

  6. Pamela Ortiz

    Thank you for this Michele! I needed this today!

  7. Juanita

    So glad to have a love letter from you Michelle! When I was first a mentor mom for MOPS at Stapleton Fellowship church you spoke and you were so real. We heard you speak at Stapleton MOPS a couple of years later after the “littles” came to be with you. Again you were so real and fun to be around. We then studied your book on the names of God with your manifesto as a women’s Summer Bible study at a park in Stapleton. We are now Arise Church and I again have been asked to be a MOPS mentor. I love following you and your journey and wish I were closer to be on your “team” of women serving. I will pray for your steps to be firm as you follow God’s leading and focus on what things lie ahead on your journey as you continue saying “Yes, Lord!”In His love, Juanita Lidholm

  8. JeNom Makama

    Dear Michelle,

    I found the love letter uplifting and inspiring. I really needed to be reminded of God’s unspeakable love and commitment to me.

    Thank you.

    • Laura Kirsten

      Dear Michele
      I am struggling with all the same issues at the moment – I cried to the Lord this morning for forgiveness and help in so many areas… Your love letter was so special for me today. Thank you. Love and blessings to you today

    • Diane McElwain

      You came to my mind yesterday and I had not thought of you for some time. And here you are! Bless you sister.

  9. Donna C Ahlberg

    Thank you

  10. Debbie Mabey

    I’m excited to read your next book. You have greatly ministered to my heart with your writing.

  11. Donna

    Wonderful Michelle,
    Thank You!
    I look forward to reading your book!
    Your other books have been such a blessing.

  12. Susan

    Thanks, Michele – I needed this!

  13. Dea

    Your vulnerability is a gift. Thank you for writing this Love Letter. I love that it is rooted in Scripture, in the Living Word. Is there anything God wants for us than that we know that we know that He loves us? Believing the love of God for me, struggling me, reset the course of my life. I pray the same reality is yours and all those who have the privilege of reading these life-giving words..

  14. Cassandra Buffington-Bates

    Hi Michelle,

    Your writing is so refreshing for my soul. Thank you so so much for writing this love letter. It encouraged me so much and I have a dear friend whose future son-in-law is dealing with colon cancer so I passed it along. This letter will bless so many people for days to come. Have a blessed day!

  15. Jeanie

    Beautiful letter. Not pretentious at all. I needed it and I know exactly who I’m going to send it to.
    I just recently sent your book, “I Am” to a friend.
    Thank you. 🙏♥️😊

  16. Carol

    This was right on time for me. Thank you for letting God use you as He so powerfully has. It is so good to hear from you again!

  17. Miriam Reppond

    While I was reading this love verse. I was crying. Thank you for this love letter my Abba!!!

    Love you Michalle 🙂

  18. Nancy

    Thank you once again, Michele, for being a source of encouragement in the midst of adversity. Love you, too.

  19. Lily Kreitinger

    Thank you! Walking in prayer with you, Michele!


    Oh, Sister, so glad to hear from you again. Abba would bring you to mind from time to time and I would pray for you and your family. I’m sure those reminders will continue. I’m looking forward to your future writings. This was so helpful today. I’m thinking it would be even more helpful for me to search the Scriptures and write my own letter.

  21. Penny

    I like the things you write.I just found you in my Spam.I hope now it will come to my email address. I got a new computer and lost a lot of people and writings,etc. I sure hope I can get your writings!


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