Interview Roundup for A Faith that Will Not Fail

As some of you may know, book launch season is a flurry of activity – so much coming and going, and talking to gifted interviewers and writing about the book I’ve poured so much of my heart and time into.

Since we released so much of it so quickly, I’m compiling all my interviews/work around the book to date here, so you can browse at your own pace. I hope you find these bite-sized pieces helpful!

Want to listen to several interviews over the next couple of weeks? I’ve got a Spotify playlist ready for you right here


Pieces I’ve Written

Our Source of True Strength

Trusting in God and His strength is where I’ll find my own. In relationship with Him is where I’ll find my soul’s rest so that I can endure the day-to-day of real life. Too often, however, I prefer to climb onto the horses of my own willpower and self-determination.

What is Lent and why should I observe and practice it?

Regardless of your Lenten experience or lack thereof, now is a time to deepen your own faith as well as the faith of those around. And the forty days of Lent is a beautiful time to do just that. You may choose to follow an orthodox practice or create your own practice. The “how” doesn’t matter as much as the “why.”

The Comfort of Connection

With every word of his email, the memories of my own cancer journey came back in full focus, the images more acute and real than they’d been moments before. I could feel echoes of my suffering and waves of the old, familiar fear. Although time has passed, the healing continues, physically and emotionally. I am not so far removed that I have forgotten. I doubt I’ll ever forget.

A Faith That Will Not Fail: Dreaming of Heaven

I had cancer 3 times and I have 6 kids. Here’s what I’ve learned about love.

The Key to Shutting Down
Shame Voice

Faith In the In-Between

A Faith Lesson from Peter’s Denial of Jesus

Podcast Interviews

If you’re a Spotify user, we’ve created a playlist for you of all my podcast interviews – you can peruse them here
Thank you for all of your support throughout the book launch! And remember to check out our interview playlist on Spotify!

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