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A Faith that Will Not Fail

“The ten spiritual practices she walks us through are deeply practical and desperately needed.”

Liz Curtiz Higgs,

bestselling author, Bad Girls of the Bible

“For those who long to have the kind of faith that can weather the worst circumstances… a go-to resource.”

Alli Worthington,

author, Standing Strong and Remaining You While Raising Them

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Life can be hard.

Although there are moments of beauty and goodness, more often than not, life is marked by fear, struggle, disappointment, and loss. And we don’t know what to do with it. We’ve tried to find hope and security in various people and places–but each has proved unworthy of our trust. We need more. Something–or Someone–who won’t fail us when our world falls apart.

In this book, beloved author and Bible teacher Michele Cushatt presents a better way. By exploring powerful personal, historical, and biblical stories of people of extraordinary faith, she curates and shares ten practices to help you deepen your confidence and certainty in the God who can be trusted with your worry, questions, confusion, and grief. As a woman who has been through immeasurable suffering, she writes with both deep compassion and practical insight as she guides you to:


Practice lament and process grief without guilt or shame


Understand what keeps you from trusting God and how to navigate doubt with truth


Learn simple ways to foster shalom and gratitude on a daily basis


Develop a fresh, eternal perspective that delivers both peace for today and hope for tomorrow


Savor daily "faith-builder" practices to strengthen your confidence in God's love and purposes for you, no matter what happens

There is hope in your hardship and a God who is both with you and for you. These ten practices point the way to the only One you can truly trust, and ultimately, to a faith in him that will not fail.

Leader’s Guide: A Faith That Will Not Fail

Get the downloadable Leader's Guide is designed to be used with Michele's book, A Faith that Will not Fail, and is a great study for your group of any size. This guide can be adapted to meet the needs of different demographics and situations. Each section includes a “Group Reflection” followed by five discussion questions prepared for your group. We designed the book to be easily adaptable to the needs of an individual or group. You can work through one practice per week, over the course of ten weeks.

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“We become more like Jesus when we practice what He practiced. Michele Cushatt weaves deeply relatable stories with foundational truths of spiritual practices we can all adopt as our own. As a wise woman who threads her own story into the needle of life, Michele stitches together a helpful template that can give us a pattern for how to live out A Faith That Will Not Fail. I highly recommend this book!”


Elisa Morgan, author, You Are Not Alone; cohost, Discover the Word and God Hears Her;
president emerita, MOPS International

“This devotional is unlike any I have read. It is not pithy encouragement for the distracted Christian. Rather, it is a gritty journey of clinging to God for those whose hearts have been ravished by pain and doubt. Michele tells the truth because she is living it. She is a Hebrews 11 woman in our time. “By faith”…will you join her?”


Juli Slattery, coauthor, Surprised by the Healer; president and cofounder, Authentic Intimacy

A Faith That Will Not Fail does more than it promises, offering practical wisdom for building a faith that not only survives, but thrives in difficult seasons. This is a must-read for anyone wanting to stay in love—and on mission—with Jesus when storm clouds gather.”


Craig A. Smith, Ph.D., lead pastor, Mission Hills Church; author,
How (Not) To Miss God Moving and The Kingdom for the Kingless


“Master storyteller Michele Cushatt weaves true-life experiences together with biblical insights and wisdom from trusted Christian voices to guide us through ten powerful, life-shaping practices, from humility and lament to contentment and connection. A Faith That Will Not Fail is one of those rare books you will want to read, savor, gift, and return to—again and again.”


Jodie Berndt, bestselling author of Praying the Scriptures for Your Children


“I’ve learned over the past few years that God absolutely wants to use suffering to build up our faith. I’ve also learned that having a friend who understands my questions, cries, and confusion is a rare gift. In A Faith That Will Not Fail, Michele Cushatt invites us to witness her own faith building journey—not to impress us—but to remind us that we are not alone. Life-giving and practical, my dog-eared, marked, and tearstained copy has gained a permanent spot among other time-honored favorites.”


Stacey Thacker, author of Threadbare Prayer: Prayers for Hearts that Feel Hidden, Hurt, and Hopeless


“Michele shows up with yet another treasure trove of life-changing truth and life-giving practices! As a devoted reader and personal fan of Michele, I soaked in this book with many “Ah” and “YES” moments, especially in the areas of forgiveness and reconciliation. This book is a necessary and profound tool in a believer’s arsenal of self-awareness and healing.”


Kasey Van Norman, Licensed Professional Counselor; bestselling author

“Even though we often try to simulate faith through determination and white-knuckling, A Faith that Will Not Fail reminds us that true faith is found in the low places. Michele gently leads us to counterintuitive practices that loosen our grip, bringing us to weakness and surrender, the path where God gifts faith.”


Amy Carroll, international speaker; author of Exhale and Esther: Seeing Our Invisible God
in an Uncertain World

“If you find yourself wanting a faith that can withstand the inevitable storms of life, this beautiful book is for you. Respected Christian thinker and author Michele Cushatt delivers an accessible, honest guide toward an enduring faith, but without leaning on easy, cliché answers. In Faith That Will Not Fail, Michelle offers you ten ancient (and sometimes surprising) practices that will help you go the distance.”


Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Growing Slow and It’s All Under Control

“I remember going through Blackaby’s Experiencing God and how impactful that book was on my faith. As I dug into Faith That Will Not Fail, I felt the same hope. This book is bound to become a classic to help believers build upon spiritual disciples that will ground and ignite their faith.”


Suzanne Eller, bestselling author; Bible teacher; host of Prayer Starters podcast;
cohost of More Than Small Talk podcast

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About the Author, Michele Cushatt

With a unique blend of storytelling, Bible teaching, and humor, Michele Cushatt speaks internationally to a wide variety of audiences on faith in the hard places. A three-time head-and-neck cancer survivor and foster-adopt parent, Michele is a (reluctant) expert on trauma, faith, and our deep human need for authentic connection. She and her husband, Troy, have six children and they live on 8 acres outside of Denver, Colorado. 

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