The Story Behind the New Website

The Story Behind the New Website

A Christian community is therefore a healing community, not because wounds are cured and pains are alleviated, but because wounds and pains become openings or occasions for a new vision. Mutual confession then becomes a mutual deepening of hope, and shared weakness...
A Worship That Costs Everything

A Worship That Costs Everything

I sat in the fourth row from the front, right hand side of the center aisle. The lights of the church’s worship center had been dimmed while white-hot spot lights flooded a stage filled with musicians. There was a time I’d been one of them, not all that long ago. A...

The Unexpected Gain of Giving Away

It was my dream for as long as I can remember, back when a girl imagined a Prince Charming and a palace full of children: I’d be the mom who baked homemade chocolate-chip cookies for her children every day after school. I knew my children would giggle with glee at the...
The One Resolution You Need More than All The Others

The One Resolution You Need More than All The Others

He bounced into the kitchen with a double dose of his usual enthusiasm and optimism. Good heavens. It was far too early for both. Guess what, Mom!  I couldn’t imagine. His head still sported some impressive bedhead. Seriously impressive. You decided to forego...

Why I Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions

“What are your New Year’s resolutions?” I knew the question would eventually come, but I cringed at the words anyway. My son didn’t mean anything by it. He was simply asking the question everyone is asking. But I’m not a fan of New...

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