The Reason We Dance

The Reason We Dance

He approached me at my book table after a speaking engagement. A young guy, maybe mid-thirties, clean-cut and professional. He stood in line behind a half-dozen others. When he made it to the front, I threw out my hand and smiled. “Hi, there. I’m Michele. Nice...
When Real Life Demands Real Courage

When Real Life Demands Real Courage

At least eight years ago, in a rare moment of courage, I made a list. I still carry it around in my purse, a three-by-five index card, hot pink, frayed around the edges, with a few simple lines of text under an audacious heading: “Impossible Goals.”...
Grit and the Hard Work of Never Giving Up

Grit and the Hard Work of Never Giving Up

It’d been his plan since grade school. As proof, I have a note in my Bible with a pencil-drawn airplane in little-boy script. He drew it for me after a field trip to the Denver Museum of Science & Nature where he marveled at model airplanes. He wanted to go to the...

Why I Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions

“What are your New Year’s resolutions?” I knew the question would eventually come, but I cringed at the words anyway. My son didn’t mean anything by it. He was simply asking the question everyone is asking. But I’m not a fan of New...

Wish I Would Have Said That …

A pedestal is an easy perch to fall off of. Mannie Corpas, bullpen pitcher for the Colorado Rockies, has discovered this only too well. Fans loved him when he sported a 1.06 ERA in April. But now that his June ERA tally peaked at 9.95, notsomuch. They even booed him...

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