Our Secret to Kid-Friendly Dinner Conversation

Friday I posted 20 questions to creatively fill up conversation dead space. If you haven’t noticed, our conversations are in major need of some fresh life. We’ve grown lazy in our ability to connect with one another. This is tough to do the older we get....

The Question of Comfort

Could the answer to one simple question reveal significant insight into your current relationships? According to Milan & Kay Yerkovich, the answer is a big fat YES. In 2009 this blog focused a lot on how we can use our influence for maximum impact. This remains an...

What One Author is Doing That Many Others Won’t

Laura Petherbridge is doing something many others won’t do: She’s a Christian writing and talking about divorce, remarriage and stepfamilies. And I say GOOD FOR HER. A couple weeks ago I posted this article about Laura’s new book and corresponding...

Hard Things

In 2008, 18-year-olds Alex and Brett Harris released a book called Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations. It gave a glimpse of what could happen when teens press against the cultural lies that limit their potential. The result is a movement of...
Some Crazy Fun Family Time

Some Crazy Fun Family Time

Arrrrgh! Somehow I missed posting pics of our family camping adventure a couple weeks ago. Here you go … better late than never. We had a fabulous time, though the pictures could have said that for me, don’t you...

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