Who Are You Trying To Be?

Seth Godin posted an article titled “The Next Google” on Saturday. It’s a ho-hum article, aside from one line which hooked me: “Don’t try to be the ‘next.’ Instead, try to be the other, the changer, the new.” Every time...

Caden’s Story

Central Christian Church in Las Vegas started a series Sunday titled “Torn”, a study of the book of Job. This video helped kick it all off. In it you’ll meet my brother Chris (on staff at Central) and my sister-in-law Kim, and you’ll hear the...


I have six messages saved on my phone. One which has been parked in voicemail purgatory for at least four years. Each means something to me, which is why I’m pack-ratting these snippets like a monkey hoards bananas: My 4-year-old niece singing “Happy...

Takin’ the Gloves Off

Ever since I went to my first Avalanche game back in ’99, I’ve been a hockey fan. That was back when I worked sales, sat in club level seats and a waiter brought me a new beverage every time I flinched. More than the perks, I loved the game. I’m sure...

Mr. R

To Mr. R, the gentleman who shared my company on the airport shuttle bus late last night: I don’t know if you’ll remember me. We spoke for five minutes, ten at the most. I know nothing about you except You parked in Row 4R. “R” is the first...

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