Renovation Race

Aug 14, 2008

Okay, Okay, so I’ve been a no-show in blog-dom this week. Thanks to those of you who were less than thrilled with my absence and felt it your duty to tell me all about it. I feel so loved! You’ll be pleased to know my scarceness is backed by a solid alibi:

We’re moving.

Moving Boxes Typing that makes my head hurt (and I believe I might be hyperventilating???). You should know I am one of those change-haters who thrives on stability. For this reason, I staunchly resisted this move for EONS. After nearly seventeen years in the same house (and a whole lot of arm twisting by my husband), I’m taking a leap of insanity…er, faith.

And I’ve been in a panic every since.

Thankfully, we’re not moving far–just a couple miles down the road. The good news is we sold our house in 3 days. The bad news is the fixer-upper we bought is currently gutted, requiring an "extreme makeover" in 5 weeks.

Yes. Five. (Deep breaths, Michele. Deep breaths…anyone have a paper bag????)

Though this project is clearly within my husband’s area of expertise (Apex@Home, LLC), I am more than over my head. I will post on all this craziness later, including some fun pics. For now, I promise to get back to regular articles. Thanks for faithfully reading (even when I’m not writing!) and for praying, studying and doing your "something" to live authentically in the name of Christ. I’m cheering you all the way!


  1. Jan Parrish

    I can’t wait to see the before and after pictures.

    I’ve lost track of how much I’ve moved in the last 25 years. Because I’ve moved so much, I am somewhat of an expert. Need some help packing?

    (((h))) You’re new house is beautiful. Just look at as a fresh start.

  2. Jerolyn

    Oh Michele, I finally just finished unpacking the last box. Hang in there, there is hope. Wish I was there to help you. I was amazed at how much “stuff” we had accumulated in our short time in Denver. I did a lot of purging. I’ll be praying for you.

  3. Elizabeth

    Even though I hate to see you leave the neighborhood, I’m praying for a fantastic renovation with lots of “Wow!” and not too much “Oh.” A close friend in her 50’s just sold her house AND everything in it and moved to Australia – of course, she didn’t have renovating to do, but she did it!

  4. alece

    wow… change is hard for me, too, so i understand.

    AND… i loved your house (what i saw of it), but i’m sure your next one will be beautimous by the time your hubs is done with it.

    breathe in…
    breathe out…

  5. Michele

    Jan, you are so sweet…and YES, I will need help packing. I’ll provide the Starbucks if you come…:)

    Jerolyn, I plan to do a heap o’ purging!!! My boys might not have any toys or clothes left by the time I’m done…

    Elizabeth, my heart is breaking at the thought of leaving this neighborhood! There’s nothing like it! Make sure the new neighbors take care of my boys hand prints in the backyard patio, okay?

    Alece, there’s a good chance this move is temporary, as I have a feeling I may be living a little closer to you one of these days. 🙂 Then I really WILL need a paper bag. Miss you and will be thinking about you on the 22nd…

  6. Megan DiMaria

    Hey, did you know that I’m an expert at unpacking kitchens? Just let me know when you need my help.


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