Seven4Seven: Week 38

Aug 10, 2009

I’ve been pondering prophets, namely Ezekiel and Daniel, and a few others like them. Bold men and women who moved against the culture’s current, knowing their convictions would make them quite unpopular. I’m intrigued by the fact that most stood alone. One against thousands. One voice against multitudes of naysayers. Their loneliness and isolation must have grown more deep with every decision to speak up. When reading their stories its tempting to make them into some kind of emotion-less, fearless super hero. But Ezekiel was a human, with a wife, a career, dreams and weekend plans. So was Daniel. And then God interrupted, called each to stand against injustice and immorality in a sliding society.

I am certain they struggled. Cried. Wrestled with the implications. Asked for a second opinion. But in the end they rearranged the landscape of their lives with the vision God had given them for the future. They stepped up at great personal risk and sacrifice, without a posse of supporters, and with no guarantees that everything would work out in the end. They just DID IT. Because it was the right thing to do.

Then I’ve been thinking about modern day Ezekiels and Daniels. And I’m wondering where they are, because I’m having a hard time coming up with faces and names.

And then I wonder if I’m as committed to doing what is right

… as I am to securing my own comfort.

  • Day 260 (Monday): Daniel 10-12
  • Day 261: Ezra 1-3
  • Day 262: Ezra 4-6, Psalm 137
  • Day 263: Haggai 1-2
  • Day 264: Zechariah 1-7
  • Day 265: Zechariah 8-14
  • Day 266: Esther 1-5


  1. Deana

    I’m really good at speaking at “what is right” right up until they pick up a sword and fight back. I’ll do what’s right if you don’t hate me for it. ??? For me it boils down to idolitry – and that is a battle I will face with God time and time again until I’m cured of it. Being more afraid of people than of God – is not the right side of the line to be standing on and yet, here I stand straddling the line and shaking most days. Probably much like the rest of humanity.

    I’m a wheenie. Seriously.

    Great thoughts Michele – definately worth pondering and wrestling with.

  2. Susan

    I recall Martin Luther once said – One with God is a majority.

    But I’m with Deana – I’m a weenie, too. I want to retreat when the heat is on.

    As for national figures, I have seen a few speak up and then dirt is dug up on them and they are crucified and destroyed. Who wants to go through that?

    We need a Daniel in this day!


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