Sacred Solitude

Feb 3, 2010

Today is Wednesday.

I’m pretending it’s Saturday.

After back-to-back days of working to wrap up a couple projects (including a very intense weekend of long writing hours), I’ve decided I need ONE DAY of no deadlines, no to-dos, no responsibility. Absolutely nothing that I’d normally put on a list. So far it’s been a wild success. I’ve wasted three blissful hours doing nothing but reading blogs, googling movie times, watching trailers, setting an appointment for a massage (yeah for gift certificates!), reading a book, drinking coffee and generally accomplishing not a darn thing of import. All in sweat pants and slippers. Alone.

It’s a beautiful thing, really. And more significant than I’m giving it credit.

Today I’m leaning into Sacred Solitude. A freedom from all the noise and activities that drive most my days. It feels like inhaling a long, deep, breath. My soul needs it; my body needs it; even my relationships need it.

Solitude is under-appreciated. Too often it is disregarded as laziness or shamed into a corner as loneliness. Solitude is neither. It is …

  • Something you choose
  • A state of being alone without being lonely
  • A time of engaging with yourself
  • A time of reflection, introspection or just enjoyment
  • A desirable and constructive state

Solitude is necessary for the refreshment and regeneration of your soul as well as your connections with others. You are a better “you” with others when you know how to be “you” alone.

When’s the last time you leaned into a little sacred solitude?


  1. Keith Ferrin

    Well done my friend. Reading thru the old testament these days and realizing anew how much the Sabbath was a non-negotiable in God’s eyes. So easy to turn it into a “this-would-be-a-good-idea.”

  2. alece

    just this week actually. and it’s so god for my soul! i need to stop and selah more often.

  3. Jerolyn

    So true Michele. Thanks for reminding us to be still.

  4. Michele

    It seems my solitude is often an afterthought. Then, when I finally take time to savor it, I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner! God certainly knew what he was talking about when he commanded rest. Time to learn this lesson. I’m glad you’re learning this, too.

  5. Jan

    Yes, so important. What a time to refresh.

  6. Jan

    So important and so often not achieved. Great post

  7. Denise Miller Holmes

    My favorite line is, “You are a better “you” with others when you know how to be ‘you’ alone.” Says it all.

  8. Michele

    Thanks, Jan, Denise. Hope you both are finding some quiet in the middle of the chaos, too!


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