Today is Wednesday.

I’m pretending it’s Saturday.

After back-to-back days of working to wrap up a couple projects (including a very intense weekend of long writing hours), I’ve decided I need ONE DAY of no deadlines, no to-dos, no responsibility. Absolutely nothing that I’d normally put on a list. So far it’s been a wild success. I’ve wasted three blissful hours doing nothing but reading blogs, googling movie times, watching trailers, setting an appointment for a massage (yeah for gift certificates!), reading a book, drinking coffee and generally accomplishing not a darn thing of import. All in sweat pants and slippers. Alone.

It’s a beautiful thing, really. And more significant than I’m giving it credit.

Today I’m leaning into Sacred Solitude. A freedom from all the noise and activities that drive most my days. It feels like inhaling a long, deep, breath. My soul needs it; my body needs it; even my relationships need it.

Solitude is under-appreciated. Too often it is disregarded as laziness or shamed into a corner as loneliness. Solitude is neither. It is …

  • Something you choose
  • A state of being alone without being lonely
  • A time of engaging with yourself
  • A time of reflection, introspection or just enjoyment
  • A desirable and constructive state

Solitude is necessary for the refreshment and regeneration of your soul as well as your connections with others. You are a better “you” with others when you know how to be “you” alone.

When’s the last time you leaned into a little sacred solitude?